Martial Arts Reporter Lee Gyo-deok] Max FC (MAX FC, CEO Lee Yong-bok), the largest standing martial arts group in Korea, is openly recruiting participants for the First League 24, which will be held on March 11 at the Iksan Indoor Gymnasium in Jeonbuk. 카지노

For more information, such as applications and schedules for the First League 24, please visit the Max FC official website.

Max FC plans to discover new talent this year to fill the void of ‘Martial Arts Star’ created by the massive departure of champions and rankers during the Corona Pandemic.

Max FC holds number competitions, Contender League, and First League in order of size. In the First League, anyone who is a rookie player with four or more matches can participate regardless of sports such as Muay Thai, kickboxing, MMA, boxing, and taekwondo. In order to minimize injuries, the First League rules will be followed, such as △only punches and kicks △no clinch △3 rounds of 2 minutes. If you perform well in the First League, you will advance to the Contender League, and if you perform an impressive game in the Contender League, you will advance to the Number Competition.

Cho Gyeong-jae, the lightweight champion of Max FC, is a representative success story. Starting with the First League, he made his presence known, and on the 7th, he became the champion in the Max FC Contender League 21 and stood proudly at the top. Cho Kyung-jae was delighted, saying, “I have proven myself by playing countless matches, starting with Max FC First League. I am happy to finally become the champion. I think I have become a champion after going through more severe verification than anyone else.”

Lee Yong-bok, CEO of Max FC, said, “The First League rules are rules that can develop boxing skills. I think that Korean players must perfectly adapt to these First League rules in order to compete with world-class players. I think it is the minimum standing martial arts rule that even athletes can participate relatively easily. We expect many athletes from other sports to participate.”

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