On the 8th, a week ago, a match between GS Caltex and Hyundai Engineering & Construction took place at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul. The result was a 3-2 victory for Hyundai E&C.

Hyundai E&C seemed to take the initiative by winning the first set, but GS Caltex showed its strength by taking the second and third sets. Victory was also fleeting. But that was it. I couldn’t continue the flow until the 4th and 5th sets. It was a game where points were shared.

Hyundai E&C knows how to win even in the face of a crisis. Key players are also recognizing several ways out of crises. The fact that Hyundai E&C recently won 3-2 in 3 consecutive games is also unsettling, but on the other hand, it also means that the team has become more mature.

Currently, he is the sole leader with 12 consecutive wins this season. Second place Heungkuk Life Insurance has the same score with 11 wins, 3 losses and 32 points, but Hyundai E&C has played two less games.

GS Caltex is in 5th place with 5 wins, 8 losses and 17 points. In the early and mid-season, he struggled with the opponent’s height, unable to find the team’s unique color, but in the second half of the second round, he is gaining strength by shaking off a little.

But it’s not perfect yet. MoMA is struggling with GS Caltex, but the formation of a triangle formation is not clear due to Kang So-hui’s shoulder injury. Yoo Seo-yeon and Kwon Min-ji are stepping up, but as Kwon Min-ji, who was hit by a sub-bomb, is shaking, Choi Eun-ji seems to be playing the role.

Along with Han Su-ji, Mun Ji-yoon is currently playing in the midfield, and Oh Se-yeon is the backup. In the coordination of Ahn Hye-jin, the setter, Han Ha-hye goes out as a libero.

Today’s match will be similar in some ways to a week ago, and it will be different in others. First of all, Hyundai E&C has an advantage physically. rested for a week.

As the women’s division has changed to a 36-game system, players are complaining of physical difficulties. After taking a long-awaited break, it is important for Hyundai E&C to improve its ability to adapt to the first set.

After losing to Hyundai E&C, GS Caltex lost to IBK Industrial Bank 2-3 on the 11th. It is a situation where the final set was played in two consecutive games. The range of players is not as wide as before. It is GS Caltex that needs good physical management today. 토토

The key to the game depends on how much Hyundai E&C blocks GS MoMA’s attack. If this part continues smoothly, GS Caltex will flow in the intended direction, and if it is the opposite situation, Hyundai E&C will work out in the direction desired.

Let’s watch MOMA’s performance today. Relatively, GS Caltex should also focus on blocking Yasmin’s attacks. If you kick it off defense after effective blocking, you can counter it with a counterattack.

An exciting showdown takes place on December 15th. What will be the result of the memory of the bloody battle in the final set a week ago? Available from 7pm.

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