Benny McCarthy’s (45) offensive coach’s contributions are of great help to the team. 

Last 2003/04 season European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) Round of 16. Manchester United, led by Alex Ferguson (81), suffered a shocking elimination after being pushed by Jose Mourinho (60)’s FC Porto. That year, Mourinho’s Porto won the UCL, which had a great impact on the world football world. 

There was a young South African national striker who sank Manchester United at the time. A player who scored two goals in the first leg and played a decisive role in helping Porto advance to the quarterfinals with an aggregate score of 3-2. His name was McCarthy. McCarthy, who once sunk Man Utd, is now having a huge impact on the resurgence of Man Utd. 토토사이트

Recently, the performance of Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford (25) is a hot topic. He is recording 24 goals for the season, the most in his career, but if he is limited to the last 17 games, he is driving 16 goals. That’s close to 1.0 goals per game. It is known that offensive coach McCarthy’s advice was great for Rashford to clean up the previous bad season and perform outstandingly this season. 

In fact, in November, Rashford said, “Coach McCarthy is really helpful to me.” 

In addition to this, Coach McCarthy is giving good advice to attackers such as Jadon Sancho (22) and Anthony Martial (27). In addition, he is fluent in English, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese, and plays a big role in team harmony. 

Manager Eric ten Haag (53), who changed Manchester United last summer, did not have an attacking coach in his division. There were only coaches specializing in midfield and defense. To give advice himself, manager Ten Hagh had never played as a striker during his active career. Accordingly, he was looking for an offensive coach.

The first candidate was Robin van Persie (39), but as he failed to bring him, he hired McCarthy as an offensive coach, and it was a so-called jackpot. 

It is said that McCarthy, an attacking coach, showed enthusiasm by accepting Ten Haag’s offer without asking for a salary. He has thoughts of returning to the managerial job one day, but so far he is only focusing on Manchester United’s attack and is making a big difference. 

According to the British media ‘Daily Mail’ on the 21st, Manchester United fans chanted McCarthy’s name in the match against Leicester City. The person who was booed as a Porto striker 19 years ago now hears cheers. It’s like a dramatic change.  

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