For Manchester City, the option of Kim Min-jae (27) is gone. They are now left with only Josuco Gvardiol (Leipzig), who they want.

Strengthening the center back position has been a priority for Manchester City this summer. Gvardiol was a key target. He was Pep Guardiola’s preferred choice. He is one of the best center backs in the Bundesliga. He maximized his value as Croatia’s key center back at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. It’s true that he’s a player that Manchester City could sign.안전놀이터

However, City had Gbadiol as their number one pick and Kim Min-jae as their plan B.

City’s preference for Gvardiol is that he is a defender who fits into Guardiola’s system. He is a solid defender, has a good passing sense to link up with the buildup, and has good speed to allow for quick transitions. However, these are all qualities that Kim Min-jae possesses. He”s already proven himself to be one of the best in Europe. Not only in Serie A, but also in the biggest stage, the Champions League.

However, Man City still prioritized Guardiola. In the end, Kim Min-jae”s move to Bayern Munich was practically confirmed.

That leaves City with no other option but Guardiola.

ESPN reported on Thursday that “Manchester City are preparing their first offer for Leipzig center back Josuco Gvardiol”.

The outlet added: “Manchester City has not yet made an official offer for Gbadiol. Leipzig want a minimum transfer fee of €100 million. City’s first offer is likely to be significantly lower.

Of course, Leipzig are aware of this. ‘We are negotiating with Manchester (City). We have nothing more to say. In short, the first offer from Manchester City is likely to be rejected.

If Manchester City chose Kim Min-jae, they would have gotten extreme value for money. There is no guarantee that Guardiola is better than Kim Min-jae. Plus, they wouldn’t have to go through tedious negotiations.

Leipzig have a wealth of experience in ‘offering’ prospects to big clubs. For Manchester City, it was a tedious and difficult negotiation. The ‘opportunity cost’ of Kim Min-jae is gone.

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