Park Jin-man, head coach of the Samsung Lions, brought his personal glove to the camp in Okinawa, Japan. He, who was praised as the ‘national shortstop’ during his active career, is to demonstrate himself in front of young infielders.토토사이트

Director Park Jin-man’s tweezers tutoring is like a living textbook. He said, “Because it has not yet been technically established, we occasionally show demonstrations to catch points one by one. There is a difference between demonstrating directly rather than explaining in words.”

He added, “Since we trained together from last year’s finish camp, I’m trying to induce them to focus more when receiving each hit.”

As Kim Sang-soo, who played an active role as the starting shortstop during the Dynasty, transferred to KT and Oh Seon-jin obtained FA status and wore the Hanwha uniform again, Samsung was forced to restructure the Keystone duo. Currently, second baseman Kim Ji-chan and shortstop Lee Jae-hyun are the best scenario.

They are building their bodies at Futures Camp due to poor physical condition. When he regains himself, he plans to join the first team camp and improve his sense of practice in practice games.

Manager Park Jin-man said, “(Kim) Ji-chan is young, but because of his age, he has some experience playing in the 1st team stage, and (Lee) Jae-hyun experienced a lot in terms of stamina and technique while playing in the 1st team last year. Finishing camp I trained a little more intensively when I was there, so I improved a lot,” he expressed his anticipation.

As Kim Sang-soo and Oh Seon-jin left the team, it is pointed out that there is no infielder to hold the center of the infield. In response, director Park Jin-man said, “There can be concerns from the outside, but we are preparing hard in our own way. We believe that we can do enough,” looking forward to the young blood’s performance.

He also said, “Both players are mentally strong. Lee Jae-hyun, in particular, is a player who is young but has a tenacious desire to win.”

Crisis followed by chance, or chance followed by crisis? Manager Park Jin-man regarded the infield power outflow as an opportunity, not a crisis.

He said, “Currently, there are no outside players in our team, and there are only outflows, so all players have the perception that ‘If you work hard, you can get a chance.’ It is because I have faith that opportunities will come if I do them.”

We are already looking forward to seeing what effect the tweezers tutoring of Park Jin-man, a former ‘national shortstop’, will have on the growth of Samsung’s young infielders.

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