The popularity of the K-League is hot at the beginning of the season.

A lot of goals were scored and the number of spectators grew rapidly.

This weekend, singer Lim Young-woong’s poetry axis even unfolds a hot reservation war, and the dream of breaking 40,000 spectators is just around the corner.

This is reporter Kim Tae-woon.

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The K-League took over the heat of the Qatar World Cup Round of 16바카라사이트.

A total of 330,000 people entered until the 5th round, and 11,000 per game, the largest number of spectators since 2013 and the
highest since paid spectators were counted.

[Kim Young-kwon/Ulsan]
“A lot of fans came, and I hope they came to support me.

The score also exploded amidst the support of the fans.

The number of goals per game also increased from 1.73 last year to 2.53 this year.

Within 10 minutes in the first half, the most goals ever, 9 goals, and even after 45 minutes in the second half, 8 goals, the second highest ever, made it impossible for fans to leave the stadium.

The ground is getting hotter this weekend.

As it became known that singer Lim Young-woong, who is famous as a soccer fanatic, proposed a time axis to Seoul, the game was sold in 10 minutes at the same time as the reservation started yesterday.

In the hot ticket war, Seoul also decided to open the upper floors of the stadium, which had never been open before.

Ticket sales have already exceeded 30,000, breaking the record for the highest paying audience ever and breaking the 40,000 mark.

Here, Mr. Lim Young-woong announced that he would watch the game until the end, and then, through the fan cafe, he asked to avoid the blue color of the away team Daegu, which is the same as the fan club’s symbol color, and to respect the soccer fan culture.

This is Kim Tae-woon from MBC News.

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