Three legends, including Ronaldinho, finished their visit to Korea.

Three Brazilian and Italian legends, including Ronaldinho, Marco Materazzi, and Fabio Cannavaro, entered the country on the 8th and 9th and held various events. Starting with the joint press conference, YouTube content shooting, soccer clinic, fan meeting, and VIP dinner were held.

Ronaldinho, who was the first among the three legends to set foot on Korean soil, departed on the 12th at 11:55 pm on a flight. Even though it was late in the evening, countless fans came to the airport to see Ronaldinho off. Materazzi and Cannavaro boarded a flight to Europe the same morning.

During their visit to Korea, they showed faithfulness to fan service. At the main gate of Fairmont Ambassador Seoul, there is a ‘Fan Zone’ where fans can safely wait. The fan zone was located under the roof to keep out the sun and rain. Here, fans waited for the legends in an orderly manner, and for the fans who waited for a long time, the legends devoted time to fan service even during their tight schedule.토토사이트

Meanwhile, the reason why the legends went to Korea was to communicate with Korean soccer fans in advance of the legend match scheduled for October. The legend match is scheduled to be held at Goyang Sports Complex on October 21st, and detailed working-level discussions are currently taking place with various related organizations.

Ronaldinho, Materazzi, and Cannavaro sent a message on social media saying, ‘Let’s meet again soon in Korea’. In September, other legends will visit Korea to conduct promotional activities.

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