Lee Ye-won (20) tied for the lead in the second round of the NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship on the Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour and took the opportunity to win two wins first. Shin Ye-bang Shin-sil (19), her long hitter, also pursues the leading group with aggressive play.

Lee Ye-won caught only 8 birdies in the second round of the tournament held at Suwon Country Club (par 72) in Yongin City, Gyeonggi Province on the 13th, tying her course record with 8 under par 64 strokes.

Lee Ye-won, who recorded a total of 11 under par 133 in the second round, tied for the lead with Lim Jin-hee.

Lee Ye-won, who won her first win in the second year of her debut last month at her domestic opener, the Lotte Rent-A-Car Women’s Open, has a chance of two wins in about a month.

It was a perfect day, with no shots or putts. She missed only one of her 14 fairways, and her shot sense was so good that she only missed two greens.

Lee Ye-won, who reduced her number of strokes by catching only 4 birdies in the first half, took the sole lead by catching 4 birdies in the 9 holes in the second half while competing for the lead with Bang Shin-sil. In particular, Lee Ye-won, who took the lead by 2 strokes after holding a 4.8m middle-distance birdie on the 6th hole (par 4), finished her remaining 3 holes with pars, failing to establish a new course record for her.

Lee Ye-won looked back after the second round, saying, “The iron shot went as I thought, and her attack went well, leaving an easy putt.

Challenging for his 2nd win of the season안전놀이터 in the final 3rd round on the 14th, he said, “I will do my best every stroke like today without worrying about being in the lead.” I will focus,” he said.

Lim Jin-hee, who is recording two victories in her career on the KLPGA Tour, played in the afternoon group and tied 7 birdies and 2 bogeys to reduce 5 strokes and rise to the joint lead with Lee Ye-won.

Im Jin-hee said, “At first, I was worried because the putt distance wasn’t right, but as he progressed in the game, he got a good putt feeling and made good results. It was a difficult day, but I am satisfied.”

Bang Sin-sil, a rookie with long hits, took 6 birdies without bogey, recording a total of 9 under par 135 strokes, and rose to 3rd place alone, 2 strokes behind the leading group. Bang Shin-sil showed off her long hitting power at the Chris F&C KLPGA Championship, which was held last month as the first major tournament of the season, and competed for the championship, leaving a mark on her eyes.

On this day, Bang Shin-sil also hit two driver tee shots of more than 290 yards, drawing admiration. Bang Sin-sil, who caught birdies in a row on the 10th hole (par 4) and 11th hole (par 5) in the first half, caught a 7m long distance birdie on the 15th hole (par 4).

Bang Sin-sil, who once again recorded a 7.2m birdie on the 4th hole (par 5) in the second half, caught another 7.8m long distance birdie on the 5th hole (par 3). In the 8th hole (par 5), he sent a driver tee shot close to 290 yards, landed the second shot he hit with a hybrid at the entrance of the green, and hit the ball with a chip shot 45cm from the pin to record a tap-in birdie.

Bang Shin-sil, who received a conditional seed this season after finishing in 40th place in last year’s regular tour seeding match, is running the KLPGA Tour and the Dream Tour at the same time. If he wins this tournament, he can participate in all the remaining tournaments this season and acquire a KLPGA tour seed until 2025.

Bang Shin-sil said, “The first goal was to pass the preliminary round. I will not think about winning tomorrow, but I will focus on what I have to do.”

He said, “On this course, you can make two-on and create chances. I think if we play aggressively like today, we will have a good chance. If you get caught on the downhill line on the green, a three-putt can easily come out, so we plan to play carefully in that area.”

Park Ji-young (27), who recorded a hole-in-one on the 3rd hole (par 3), tied for 4th place with Park Hyun-kyung (23), Lee Je-young (22), and Jang Su-yeon (29) with 8 under par 136 strokes.

Choi Eun-woo (28), who recorded one win this season, was tied for 8th place (7 under par, 137 strokes) with rookie Ko Ji-won (29).

Park Min-ji (25), who was aiming for a third consecutive victory in the tournament, tied for 14th place (5 under par, 139 strokes), and the red light turned on to achieve a record by 6 strokes with leader Lee Ye-won.

Ko Ji-woo (21) recorded the first hole-in-one on the regular tour with a 6-iron on the 16th hole (par 3) that day, and received a Mercedes EQE300 worth 93 million won from KCC Auto. Ko Ji-woo showed strength by reducing 5 strokes that day, but recorded a total of 2 over par, 146 strokes, as he was sluggish with a 7 over par the previous day. Currently, the expected cutoff is 1 under par, making it difficult to advance to the third round.

Park Bo-gyeom (25), who won his first championship in the third year of his debut at the Kyochon 1991 Ladies Open last week, also failed to advance to the final round with a 1-over par of 145.

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