Coach Lee Kang-chul of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) baseball team said, “We will continue to increase the pitching innings of the starting pitchers, and we will guess three to four players who will participate in the tournament.”먹튀검증

After beating kt wiz 8-2 in the third practice game held at the Veterans Memorial Stadium in Kino, Tucson, Arizona, USA, coach Lee said, “Overall, the fielding team is in good shape.”

The batters also drove in 14 hits that day, producing double-digit hits in three consecutive games, but the pitchers’ skills were inconsistent.

Koo Chang-mo (NC Dinos), who took the mound in the 9th inning with the national team leading 8-0, allowed 3 hits and 1 walk and allowed 2 runs.

Lee Yong-chan (NC), who received the baton as the fourth pitcher in the 7th inning, also struggled by throwing 25 balls in one inning.

Director Lee said, “Koo Chang-mo is good in the bullpen, but it feels like something is twisted in the real game,” and said, “I have to show a good figure in the real game…” and pointed out that Lee Yong-chan did not seem to have fully adapted to the WBC official ball yet.

Coach Lee said, “If only Kim Yoon-sik (LG Twins) pitches in tomorrow’s practice game against kt, all pitchers will finish their pitching at least once.” I will focus on picking pitchers,” he said.

The first priority is to find a pitcher who can last 3 innings with the pitcher’s limit of pitches (65) in the first round of the WBC finals.

Coach Lee did not look satisfied with the pitching of Koh Young-pyo (kt), who took the mound as a starter for the national team and allowed 2 hits with 43 balls in 3 innings.

Coach Lee emphasized, “It’s worse than last year when it was good,” and “I need to improve my condition more.”

Koh Young-pyo, who has thrown more than 50 pitches, including bullpen pitches, is considered the most likely candidate to start in the WBC Group B match against Australia, which will be held on the 9th of next month at Tokyo Dome, Japan.

Korea must defeat Australia in order to secure a bridgehead to advance to the semifinals, which it has set as its goal.

Coach Lee said, “We haven’t decided on a starting pitcher for the game against Australia, but Australian players showed weaknesses in the breaking pitches of Geelong Korea’s underhand pitchers who participated in the Australian Pro League.” indicated meaning.

Director Lee also said that the condition of Kim Gwang-hyun (SSG) and Yang Hyeon-jong (KIA Tigers), who support the national team mound, has improved by about 70%, saying, “In the end, shouldn’t these (veteran) players do it in the finals?”

The two pitchers are likely to act as ‘stoppers’ who break the pulse in critical situations in the middle of the game.

Coach Lee predicted, “In the game against kt on the 25th, the national team’s pitchers will go on the mound after the kt starting pitcher to fill in the pitching innings.”

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