Heungkuk Life Insurance, which Kim Yeon-kyung holds out, is powerful, but Expressway Corporation is trying to win as a veteran.

On the 20th, the ‘2022-23 season Dodram V-League’ Postseason (PS) Media Day was held at Nuritream Square in Sangam.

In the men’s division, 1st place Korean Air (76 points accumulated), 2nd place Hyundai Capital (67 points), 3rd place Woori Card (56바카라사이트 points), and 4th place KEPCO (53 points) participated. In the women’s division, 1st place Heungkuk Life Insurance (82 points), 2nd place Hyundai Engineering & Construction (70 points), and 3rd place Korea Expressway Corporation (60 points) participated in this media day.

Each team participated with one representative player along with the coach. Korean Air’s Lim Dong-hyuk, Hyundai Capital’s Heo Su-bong, Woori Card’s Kim Ji-han, and Korea Electric Power’s Lim Seong-jin’s participation. Heungkuk Life Insurance Kim Mi-yeon, Hyundai E&C Hwang Min-kyung, and Expressway Corporation decided to participate in the existing Lim Myung-ok, but they were changed to Bae Yu-na before the event. 

Unlike the men’s division, the women’s division does not hold a semi-PO, so the season starts immediately with the POs of Hyundai E&C and Expressway Corporation.

On this day, Kim Jong-min, head coach of the Korea Expressway Corporation, opened his mouth with a smile, saying, “It’s good for us not to do (junior PO).” 

Road construction is called a veteran field. Experienced defenders such as Libero Im Myung-ok, middle blockers Bae Yoo-na and Jeong Dae-young are famous for playing ‘swamp volleyball’ by putting up an impregnable defense. On top of that, if the national team captain outside hitter Park Jung-ah is in good condition, she will terrifyingly bomb the opponent. 

As there are many veterans, there are also many free agents (FA) that are released after the season ends. All five key players who form the main axis of the road construction, including Bae Yoo-na, Jeong Dae-young, Park Jeong-ah, Moon Jeong-won, and Jeon Sae-yan, are released as free agents. 

When I said, “There is a high possibility of the last dance,” director Kim shouted, “Who is the last dance!”, and then asked himself, “Am I the last dance?”

He continued, “FA players are trying to catch the club, but it is a player choice, I will try to catch as much as possible.”

The most eye-catching is, of course, the setter Lee Yoon-jung. Lee Yoon-jung, who was recruited last season from Suwon City Hall, an unemployment team, was expected to be selected as the oldest rookie, but this year’s operation shows some ups and downs. 

Coach Kim said with a smile, “(Lee Yoon-jung) thought a lot about whether he could do it in a big game. He continued, “The setter plays the most important role in coordinating veterans. During the season, I was told, ‘Don’t run a routine, do it boldly.’ I think you need experience,” he said.

Neither overwhelmingly positive nor overwhelmingly negative reviews followed for Catbell, who was recruited after letting Katarina Jovic go in the middle of the season. Catbell is an experienced V-League player who had experience playing for Heungkuk Life Insurance last season. He commented on the foreign mercenary as “aside from other things, the team’s vitality” and said, “I believe Catbell will do well in the playoffs.”

The player who says ‘I want you to go crazy’ is Lee Yun-jung. Manager Kim confessed in a half-joking tone, “If only the setter goes crazy, I’ll go crazy.” It seems like a lot,” he said.

Meanwhile, Korea Expressway Corporation will begin the first round of PO with Hyundai E&C in Suwon from the 23rd. 

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