Pitcher Kim Seo-hyun, the ‘super rookie’ of professional baseball Hanwha, became a hot topic this time with his pitching form. Yesterday (3rd), he threw a ball with a completely new pitching form, and he said he practiced it for the first time yesterday.

This is reporter Lee Seong-hoon.


Kim Seo-hyun surprised the baseball world by showing a pitching form that had never been done before in his first team debut on the 19th of last month크크크벳.

In his preparation, he lowered his upper body slightly, raised his feet, and added a movement to hit the glove once, which was the trademark of team senior Woo-Ram Jung.

[Kim Seo-hyun/Hanwha Pitcher: I tried a lot of other forms, but the balance was the best when I followed Woo-ram’s form.]

But yesterday against Doosan, I showed off a completely new form.

I straightened my upper body, lifted my legs more slowly than before, and sprayed the ball forward without hitting the glove.

I made a new ‘wind-up’ motion to gather more strength when there is no runner, and what is surprising is that the first time I practiced the new form was yesterday.

[Kim Seo-hyun/Hanwha Pitcher: (Yesterday) I did it right on the day… . I think I will use the same form as yesterday for the windup, and if there is a runner out, I think I will throw the same way as Jung Woo-ram.]

Kim Seo-hyun revealed that she also threw the ‘sweeper’, a breaking ball that is popular in the world these days, for the first time yesterday.

[Seohyun Kim/Hanwha Pitcher: I practiced the sweeper for about 3 days. I threw it yesterday. Coach Rosado said, ‘Your mentality seems to be a bit great,’ and I use it right away even though it hasn’t been long.]

Kim Seo-hyun’s amazing ‘learning ability’ is evolving as rapidly as ‘light speed ball’.

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