The captain of the captains’ meeting, the player’s committee, and the player’s representative.메이저놀이터

Yeom Ki-hoon (40, Suwon Samsung), the ‘Left-footed Wizard’, gradually took his place in the center of the team as he grew older. While captaining Suwon, he also appeared at a meeting with the Korean Professional Football Federation as a representative of the K-League captaincy.

Yeom Ki-hoon, who tried to retire from active duty last year as a playing coach, but will continue as a player for another year. Last year, Suwon Samsung decided to play for one more year instead of ‘grand retirement’ while watching the club’s first promotion playoff and surviving. ‘Wolf’ Yang Sang-min (39) started as a leader as team B coach upon his retirement, but Ki-hoon Yeom showed his intention to firmly implant the ‘Spirit of Suwon’ into the squad.

Yeom Ki-hun, whom I

met on the 9th at Shilla Stay Jeju in Jeju-si, Suwon, said, “The players (started training in early January) made them fight in the beginning, but now they are a little tired. . Seeing that a month and a half had passed, I could see the tired faces.”

In order to increase the concentration of training, Yeom Ki-hun’s ‘one word’ is really important, but now it’s ‘kirkki bappa’. Being the captain, he didn’t want to infringe on the authority of the vice-captain Koh Seung-beom, and he chuckled, saying that his juniors weren’t the ones who would listen to what he was saying. Even if he is tied to the MZ generation, he is about to retire, what more can he say?

“Now I have to help (the captain) from the back. There are some things I don’t listen to at first, but there are also things where we reduce the number of words a little bit. In the past, when we played a game, ‘Let’s go like this! Let’s go!’ I did, but now that the time has come like this, I’ve been talking less.”

I really want to forget the memory of the promotion playoff against FC Anyang. In the second game, if Oh Hyeon-gyu (Celtic), the “boy’s father”, failed to score the winning goal with his head just before the end of the second half of extra time, the fate of the penalty shootout would have been decided. Yeom Ki-hoon also recalled, “Last year was really difficult. (If it wasn’t for Oh Hyun-gyu) I would have been in a really big trouble.”

That’s why I’m grateful to Oh Hyun-kyu, who started playing in the Scottish Premiership. This is because he played his own role and left after worrying about Celtic’s offer and a huge transfer fee while trying to be together this year.

“The club will talk about the club’s position again, but it’s really rare for a player to come from Europe. I don’t think it’s really easy to give up. Of course, they have their own plans, but every time a player does well, it’s good, but there are situations where he can’t do well. So I think I had a good conversation with the manager. I visited him 4 times. I was treated well and treated well.”

Leaving Hyungyu Oh behind, Suwon’s task this year is, of course, ‘survival’. The glory of ‘Real Suwon’ in the past has disappeared, so you have to admit the reality and make cool grades. Suwon is barely transfusing new blood while other clubs recruit players who sound like ‘billion’. It’s a pity for Yeom Ki-hoon, who wants to retire beautifully, but he doesn’t know that he can live only if Suwon lives.

“I told my juniors, ‘Let hyung retire with a smile this year. Last year was really hard.’ Then (Kim) Bo-kyung said at the dinner table, ‘Then, our keyword this year is saving Sergeant Yeom Ki-hun.’ I hope I can win. Last year was really hard.”

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