La Gun-ah is 4th with a difference of 150 points from Kim Joo-seong, 3rd in the regular season. Considering his average score this season, he will surpass Kim Joo-sung within 5 rounds. Apart from this, let’s take a look at the players whose career records will rise this season.

La Gun-ah is the 5th in his career to 메이저놀이터 surpass 10,000 points, surpassing 4th place Seung-gyun Choo’s 10,019 points and recording 10,288 points, ranking 4th in scoring. It is 150 points different from 3rd place Kim Joo-seong with 10,288 points.

Laguna is averaging 16.7 points this season. The average score in the last 9 games is also 16.7 points. If you maintain this average score, you can catch up to Kim Joo-sung’s record in 9 games and take 3rd place.

KCC’s ninth game is an away game against Wonju DB on February 25th. DB is currently led by acting coach Kim Joo-seong. It is highly likely that La Gun-ah will rank third in career scoring in front of acting coach Kim Joo-seong.

Leon Williams, who is recording the same 6,022 points as Eric Eberts, who was recognized for his scoring ability in the early days of professional basketball, would move from a tie for 23rd to 23rd alone if he raised even one more point. If it is played through to the end of this season, it can surpass the records of Kim Yeong-man (6,121 points) in 22nd and Terrence Leder (6,144 points) in 21st.

Lee Jung-hyeon (Samsung) is on the verge of making 1,000 3-pointers for the 8th time in his career. He currently has 976 three-pointers. Lee Jung-hyun’s average 3-point shot this season is 1.6, so in the remaining 20 games, he can surpass not only Yang Dong-geun’s 990 shots but also Cho Sung-won’s record of 1,002 shots and settle for 7th place. However, in the last 9 games, only 1 average has been successful, so the achievement of 1,000 3-pointers may be delayed to next season.

Kim Young-hwan, who is making 798 3-pointers, is just two points behind Cho Seong-min, who is ranked 14th, with 800. Kim Dong-wook is also recording 769 3-pointers, so it is worth challenging 800 if he plays consistently in the remaining games. Kim Dong-wook took an average of 15 minutes and 12 seconds in 22 games this season and made 33 three-point shots (average of 1.5).

Jeon Seong-hyun is the player who is most interested in whether or not he can achieve 800 three-point shots. Jeon Seong-hyun’s current three-point shot record is 731. There are 69 left until 800. However, Jeon Seong-hyun is making four 3-pointers per game this season, and Carrot has 20 games left. It is possible enough in terms of numbers, but the key is whether he can maintain his 3-point shot so far, as his stamina declines as the season progresses.

However, Jeon Seong-hyun challenges the record of 200 successful 3-pointers in one season for the first time ever. He currently has 137 put in and 63 left. When he hits 800 in his career, he naturally follows with 200 in one season.

If Laguna adds 89 rebounds, she will reach 6,000 rebounds for the first time ever. Oh Se-geun has 2,953 rebounds, so he is 14th with 2,989 rebounds and 36 points. He can reach 3,000 rebounds for the 13th time in his career this season.

For reference, Oh Se-geun currently has 84 double-doubles, beating Kim Joo-seong 83 times and is 26th overall. Among domestic players, Seo Jang-hoon (204 times, 4th overall), Ha Seung-jin (111 times, 14th place), Joo Hee-jeong (91 times, 19th place), Kim Seung-hyun (85 times, 24th place), and 2 more times were added. If you do, you will be 4th place, even Kim Seung-Hyun.

Kim Seon-hyung, who is recording 744 steals, is one gap away from Park Ji-hyun, who has 745 steals. Kim Sun-hyung will soon rise from 8th to 7th in career steals.

Kim Jong-gyu was the 10th player in his career and the 4th among domestic players to have 3 blocks up to 400 blocks.

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