Kyung Hee University recorded its first win in three games.

Kyung Hee University won the 2023 KUSF University Volleyball U-League with a set score of 3-1 (25-22, 25-21, 24-26, 25-16) against Gyeongsang National University in the 2023 KUSF University Volleyball U-League held at Kyunghee University Seonseunggwan located in Yongin on the 10th. Recorded the first win of the season.

Field Marshal Park Joon-seo (2nd year, 183cm, S)안전놀이터 from Kyung Hee University returned from injury and showed stable game management, and Park Ye-chan (3rd year, 200cm, OP) and Lee Jung-min (2nd year, 188cm, OH) duo scored 24 and 20 points, respectively. and showed great firepower.

On the other hand, Gyeongsang National University’s Jeong Hoe-yoon (junior, 190cm, OP) struggled with 22 points, but failed to record his first win and fell into a three-game losing streak.

In the first set, Jeong Hoe-yoon of Gyeongsang National University announced the start of the game by scoring the first goal with an exciting attack. Jeong Hoi-yoon, who started the game in a good mood, led the team’s offense and Gyeongsang National University took a 5-2 lead. However, Kyung Hee University immediately followed suit. Setter Park Jun-seo, who returned from injury, used the center of Cho Jin-seok (3rd grade, 216cm, MB) and Kim Young-tae (2nd grade, 193cm, MB) to solve the game, and the middle blockers took responsibility and tied the score 5-5. .

Afterwards, Kyunghee University captain Park Ye-chan appeared in a tense situation. Park Ye-chan took the lead with a strong attack from 10-10, and immediately made it 12-10 by blocking the attack of Gyeongsang National University Hwang Se-young (1st grade, 179cm, OH). When Gyeongsang National University pursued again, Park Ye-chan blocked the attack of Hwang Myung-hun (2nd year, 178cm, OH) in 17-16 and shook off the chase.

Park Ye-chan, who led Kyung Hee University with his own strength, even scored a serve in 22-19, and Kyung Hee University maintained the lead until the end and took the first set.

Kyung Hee University continued the atmosphere of the first set to the second set. At 2-2, Gyeongsang National University’s Beomsil and Jo Jin-seok’s serve score came out and took the flow at the beginning of the set. But this time, Gyeongsang National University launched a counterattack. In 2-4, Hwang Se-young cleverly scored a blocker touchout to break Kyung Hee University’s streak, and Chung Hoi-yoon’s offensive score tied the game. The flow of Gyeongsang National University did not end. Lee Soo-min (2nd grade, 184cm, OH) successfully reversed the attack by Ma Yun-seo (2nd year, 188cm, OH) of Kyung Hee University. Kyung Hee University managed to break a series of runs with Park Ye-chan’s goal, but Gyeongsang National University managed to score three consecutive goals and ran away with 8-5.

But carelessness was forbidden. In 5-8, Young-Tae Kim scored a quick break and a blocking goal in succession, creating a one-point difference, and in 9-10, Jung-Min Lee succeeded in attacking and stood shoulder to shoulder. Even after that, Kyung Hee University Park Ye-chan and Lee Jung-min scored two more points each, making it 14-10.

Kyung Hee University, which regained its momentum in an instant, began to lead the game and took the second set without giving up the atmosphere.

Entering the third set, Gyeongsang National University launched a counterattack. In the 1-1, Kim Jun-seo (3rd grade, 191cm, MB) blocked Park Ye-chan’s attack and cheered, and Hwang Se-young scored twice in a row and struck from the beginning. However, Kyung Hee immediately followed up with Kim Young-tae’s blocking goal and Lee Jung-min’s back attack.

Gyeongsang National University, which has a memory of being reversed while leading in the second set, tried to keep the lead and succeeded in scoring three times in a row at 8-7, shaking off Kyunghee University’s pursuit.

Gyeongsang National University was in a good mood, so the match seemed to be headed for the fourth set, but Kyung Hee University showed its back. In 13-17, Lee Jung-min scored twice in a row, laying the groundwork for the pursuit, and came to Gyeongsang National University’s room to catch up again by one point. And in 20-21, Park Ye-chan’s attack score came out and made a tie.

After that, the match went to deuce, and Gyeongsang National University laughed at the crucial moment. Gyeongsang National University led the match to the 4th set with Hwang Myung-hoon’s attack score and Jeong Hoe-yoon’s blocking score at 24-24.

Kyung Hee University, which missed the 3rd set right in front of their noses, from the beginning of the 4th set Lee Jung-min’s moving attack scored, Park Ye-chan’s blocking, and Gyeongsang National University’s offense.

Gyeongsang National University also put pressure on Kyung Hee University with Jeong Hoe-yoon’s attack score and Lee Su-min’s blocking score, but they showed a regretful appearance at every important moment.

When Gyeongsang National University failed to seize the opportunity, the opportunity came to Kyung Hee University. Unlike Gyeongsang National University, Kyung Hee University firmly seized the opportunity.

In 11-10, Gong Min-sik (2nd grade, 189cm, MB) scored a quick break, and then Park Jun-seo made a sensible score and ran away with a 3-point lead. After that, Park Ye-chan scored and succeeded in widening the gap by 4 points in an instant.

Gyeongsang National University replaced Hwang Se-young with Yeo Gyeong-jun (1st grade, 182cm, OH) and tried to turn the atmosphere around, but Kyunghee University, who did not show any gaps easily and skillfully solved the game, took the victory with the 4th set.

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