This is Kim Ji-young’s (35, 179 cm) answer to Kim Ji-young’s gift.

Kim Jong-un, who played for Woori Bank in Asan, returned to his former team, Bucheon HanawonQ, with the qualification of free agent (FA) this year. It wasn’t an easy decision for him. He had a long time to ponder, and he had to make a firm decision.

There was one thing that stuck when Kim Jong-un chose to transfer. He’s a rewarding player. Last season, Kim Jong-un’s contribution was 17th, so Hana 1Q had to give Woori Bank 200% of the contract amount or 1 player excluding 4 protected players, including Kim Jong-un, as a compensation player. Even before the reward players were decided, a feeling of sorry had settled안전놀이터 in a corner of Kim Jong-un’s heart.

Woori Bank pointed out Kim Ji-young as a reward player. Then, he was traded for Yoo Seung-hee of Incheon Shinhan Bank, and Kim Ji-young left Hana 1 Q and headed to Shinhan Bank.

Kim Jong-un and Kim Ji-young were once family members. Kim Ji-young was selected as KEB Hana (now Hana One Q) in the 2nd round and 3rd place at the 2016 WKBL New Player Selection, and as a rookie, she faced the great senior, Kim Jong-un. The two were together from the 2015-2016 season to the 2016-2017 season.

Kim Ji-young was more than happy with the news that Kim Jong-un would return to Hana 1 Q. When she was a rookie, she wanted to show the big seniors who took care of her that she had grown this much, and she wanted to stand on the court as the same team, looking back on the days they played together. But that wish did not come true.

Kim Ji-young left behind her disappointment and headed to Shinhan Bank. Before she unpacked her luggage from Hana OneQ, she entered her room and left her cookies and a letter for Kim Jong-un. It was a story of regret that she couldn’t run together.

Kim Jong-un said, “I was very sorry for the compensation player. I take a lot of risk and I don’t have a long remaining career as a player, but isn’t Hana 1Q in a situation where we have to lose a player with a bright future? It may not be something I would think about, but I felt very sorry.”

After that, he went on to say that he really wanted to write it. “(Kim) Ji-young had a lot of affection for Hana 1 Q. It wasn’t a part he chose himself, but he felt really sorry for Jiyoung. He came to Hana 1Q, went into the room, and there was a small cookie in the fridge. I tried to open it, but Jiyoung left a cookie and a handwritten letter. He wrote a letter saying that it was a pity that he couldn’t run together, that my choice was great, and that he would support me.

I feel like crying. Anyone would have felt sorry, but Jiyoung was more sorry. I really hope Jiyoung does well. A friend with bright energy. I hope I don’t get sick and see a bigger light as a player. I will also support Jiyoung’s career as a player.”

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