Kim Ha-seong (28, San Diego), who stood at the center of trade rumors during this off-season. However, it is highly likely that he will now be free from that rumor.토토사이트

American media Bleacher Report reported on the 20th (Korean time) that it selected ’10 star players with a high probability of being traded in the 2023 season’.

Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels), Brian Reynolds (28, Pittsburgh), and CJ Cron (33, Colorado) were selected as players most likely to wear the uniform of other clubs during the season. At the same time, in addition to these 10 players, the media also mentioned the names of players who had a high probability of transfer, but now have been reduced.

Among them was Kim Ha-seong and teammate Trent Grisham (27). The media said, “San Diego took Kim Ha-sung and Grisham as potential trade cards in the process of searching for starting pitcher resources at the end of last year.”

In fact, Kim Ha-seong has been rumored to transfer this winter. There was Fernando Tatis Jr. (24), who returned from an injury and banned substance ban, and Zander Bogatz (31), a veteran shortstop resource in the free agent (free agent) market, was brought in, putting him in danger of losing his starting position as shortstop.

Then, there was a story that Boston, Atlanta, and Miami were aiming for Kim Ha-seong. In particular, Boston was on the active side as Bogatz transferred and Trevor Story (31) was unable to participate in the opening match due to injury.

San Diego also admitted that “there was a team that requested the trade of Kim Ha-sung and Grisham.” In particular, San Diego, which needed starting resources to support Darvish Yu (37), Joe Musgrove (31), and Blake Snell (31), is known to have planned to bring starting pitchers with them.

However, San Diego recently acquired veteran starting pitcher Michael Waka (32). He is a player who recorded 74 wins in 10 big league seasons, and shot a flare of revival last year with an ERA of 3.32 with 11 wins and 2 losses in Boston. Waka is expected to make the 4th and 5th starts along with Nick Martinez (33) and Seth Lugo (34).

With Waka’s joining, San Diego’s rotation worries have been reduced. The media also said, “We solved the need for selection by recruiting Waka.” Along with this, the possibility of Kim Ha-seong transferring to another team also decreased. Kim Ha-seong is now scheduled to start the opening game as the starting second baseman.

On the other hand, Kim Ha-seong said about the trade rumor at the end of January, “I don’t feel burdened at all. Personally, I think our team has the strongest infield out of the 30 major league clubs. I think that’s because we compete in it. “he said.

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