In May alone, he has a 7.71 ERA.

KIA foreign pitcher Sean Anderson is the clear favorite메이저사이트. In four games in May, he is 3-0 with a 7.71 ERA. He gave up 14 earned runs in 16.1 innings. He struggled against the Gwangju LG Electronics on April 28, giving up six runs (three earned) on four hits (one home run) in three innings with two walks and four strikeouts.

Anderson was 3-2 with a 2.58 ERA in six games in April. His fastball sits around 150 mph and he mixes in a slider, curve, changeup, and two-seam. However, in May, his pitches have been a bit shaky and he’s been giving up a higher percentage of hard-hit balls.

MBC commentator Jung Min-cheol, who broadcast the game, said, “I’ve been worried about Anderson since the beginning of the season.” He added, “He has good pitches, but he gets hit. He uses a variety of pitches, but in the end, his fastball and slider have a high percentage.”

Indeed, Anderson threw 83 pitches on the day, 42 of which were four-seamers and 30 sliders. His curveball, changeup, and two-seam were used sparingly. According to baseball stats site Statiz, Anderson had thrown 46.8% sliders and 38.3% four-seamers prior to this start. Together, they accounted for 85.1 percent of his pitches. “That’s enough to get a guest hit,” Jung said.

In the end, Anderson concluded that he needs to do more research with power analysts and catchers on pitch design and patterns. The pitch itself is good, so he’s not the type to give up a lot of runs. The 22nd game against Hanwha was an exception, and on this day, he also faced a series of early threats due to errors and walks, but he held on, giving up only one run each.

However, it is important to note that the pitching zone has widened compared to April, and the graphic on Statiz shows that there are more balls outside the strike zone. If you combine that with a bad pitch count and an error, you’re likely to end up giving up a lot of runs like Hanwha did. Manager Kim Jong-guk didn’t see Anderson as the type of pitcher who could easily break down if he paid more attention to his pitches.

KIA has been worried about Adonis Medina for the first two months of the season. They had hoped that the older foreign pitchers would form a strong 1-3 starters along with Yang Hyun-jong, but when the lid was lifted, only Yang was up to the task. After a shaky May, Anderson needs to get back to his April form in June. Part of that is due to the lack of defensive help, but he also needs to readjust. My baseball notes from years ago are getting thicker.

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