On the 16th, the Ministry of Education issued a stand-by appointment to the director of the Ministry of Education in charge of the College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT), saying, “President Yoon Seok-yeol’s order (exclusion of the CSAT in fields other than the public education curriculum) was not about the difficulty of the test, but about a fair CSAT.” It was also decided to audit the Korean Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation, an institution. The Institute of Evaluation, which has adjusted the difficulty of the main test through mock CSAT twice in June and September, plans to consult with the Ministry of Education to implement the direction of the test.

On this day, Vice Minister of Education Jang Sang-yoon said in an online briefing for reporters, “There has been an order from around March that we should take a fair CSAT안전놀이터, and the Ministry of Education has taken that direction.” We plan to jointly conduct an audit to check and confirm.” Earlier this morning, the Ministry of Education issued a standby appointment to Yoon-Hong Lee, Director of Human Resources Policy Planning at the Ministry of Education, who oversees the CSAT. Vice Minister Jang said, “The Minister has instructed the college entrance examination department to closely manage the mock evaluation in June so that this stance is reflected in the CSAT. “We judged that this message was not thoroughly reflected and held the responsible director accountable,” he explained. It is explained that President Yoon ordered the Ministry of Education to prepare for a ‘fair CSAT’ from last March, but the recent mock evaluation in June did not meet the goal, and eventually led to the replacement of the person in charge and the evaluation policy. Shim Min-cheol, former director of digital education planning, was appointed as the new personnel policy planning officer.

Such measures by the Ministry of Education were taken abruptly one day after President Yoon ordered a “issue for the college entrance exam that does not deviate from the curriculum” the previous day. President Yoon said, “If you ask questions in the CSAT that are not covered by public education, isn’t this saying that you should rely on private education unconditionally for these things? The education authorities and the private education industry are on the same side (cartel),” said the presidential office.

The evaluator’s reaction to the government’s attitude that it will even audit by linking the difficulty of the college entrance exam with the issue of fairness in college admissions is a sudden reaction. In a phone call with <Hankyoreh>, an official from the Evaluation Institute said, “The basic direction of the Evaluation Institute is to present questions that can be solved by students who have faithfully completed the curriculum in the CSAT.” He emphasized that he would refrain from making killer questions (high difficulty questions).” Nonetheless, the institute plans to implement this direction in close consultation with the Ministry of Education. However, the evaluator said, “We have not yet been notified by the Ministry of Education regarding this case. We will faithfully participate in the related procedures.”

Criticism also arises over the hardship of the director in charge of college admissions. Song Gyeong-won, a member of the Justice Party policy committee, said, “It is not that there was an error in the exam, and it is the case that the person in charge of the Ministry of Education was sacked due to the direction of the mock evaluation.” It wasn’t,” he said.

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