Toronto Blue Jays starting pitcher Chris Bassett expressed his displeasure with the content of the game.

In an interview after losing the home game 2-5 to the Cleveland Guardians held at the Rogers Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on the 26th (Korean time), Bassett expressed regret about his mound, saying, “I felt good, but I pitched a terrible pitch.” revealed

On this day, Bassett went down with 7 hits, 2 homers, 2 walks, 5 strikeouts and 4 runs in 5 2/3 innings. Five of his seven hits were extra-base hits. He hit a solo home run to Beau Naylor in the third inning, a two-run home run to Ramon Laureano in the fourth, and allowed two doubles in the sixth inning, giving up extra runs.

He said, “The goal was to make opponents uncomfortable. I tried not to give out a walk,” he said about his attitude in the game that day. Except for the walk in the 5th inning, the lead hitter was successful in suppressing the walk, but the long hit was not avoided.

Manager John Schneider commented on Bassett’s pitching, saying, “It was fine.” “The home run hit by Naylor was not a course that gave out strong hits. Laureano’s home run was expected. He pitched well, but gave up long hits on several misfires. It was good overall.”

Bassett has been weak this season, especially against lefties. Until the game on this day, the hit rate against left-handed hitters was 0.272 and the OPS was 0.888, which was worse than the performance against right-handed hitters (0.201/0.556). On this day, except for the home run hit by Naylor, he played well against lefties, but could not prevent the damage.

When asked why Bassett struggled against left-handed hitters, coach Schneider diagnosed it as a simple mistake, saying, “It seems to be a matter of throwing as planned rather than a problem with a specific pitch.”스포츠토토

Bassett, who played nine seasons in the major leagues, experienced the postseason with Oakland in 2020 and the Mets in 2022. He is a player who is well aware of the pressures of competing for a place in the postseason.

When asked how to cope with the fierce ranking competition, he said, “You only have to worry about tomorrow. That’s all,” he replied briefly.

He continued, “We have players in our locker room who can pull it off. Many teams are competing for a place in the postseason, but struggle because there is no player who can make it. We have players like that,” he said, revealing his faith in his teammates.

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