Inhwa Girls’ Middle School won the final selection match for the handball women’s middle school Incheon representative at the ’52nd National Youth Sports Festival’ and will compete in the finals for the first time in 11 years.

Inhwa Girls’ Middle School defeated Chronic Middle School 24-12 with Lee Yeon-joo (7 goals), Cho Min-jin (5 goals), and Lee Soo-ah (5 goals안전놀이터) in the 2nd final handball competition held at the gymnasium of Hyosung Middle School in Incheon on the 4th and won the National Youth Sports Festival. earned the right to participate.

Inhwa Girls’ Middle School, which won 18-11 in the first selection match the previous day (4th), won two consecutive wins in the best of three matches and was selected as the representative of Incheon City. 

The win at Inhwa Girls’ Middle School was the first feat in 11 years of winning the right to participate in the boys’ sports competition by defeating Chronic Middle School, which had reached the top of the handball girls’ middle division at the 51st National Youth Sports Festival last year.

In the first half, when Inhwa Yeo Middle School ran away, Chronic Middle School chased after them. Inhwa Girls’ Middle School, which finished the first half with a 12-8 lead, won the second half by not allowing a turnaround against Chronic Middle School, where Park Si-young (4 goals) struggled, as Lee Yeon-joo scored and widened the score.

In the women’s elementary school, Guwolcho won the championship by lightly beating Songhyeoncho 13-8.

Meanwhile, Hyoseong Middle School, the only male handball middle school in the province, and Bupyeongnam Elementary School, the male elementary school, will automatically compete as representatives of Incheon in the National Youth Sports Festival.

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