“He is the player you don’t have to worry about the most.”

San Diego coach Bob Melvin attended the Team Fan Fest held at Petco Park in San Diego, California on the 5th (Korean time). Manager Melvin met with reporters at this meeting and had a Q&A session, talking about veteran pitcher Darvish Yu (37).

Darvish is a veteran pitcher who is in his 12th year in the major leagues and has a lot of experience to play in 242 games. In particular, in this off-season, in order to participate in the upcoming 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) as a representative of Japan, he does not participate in his team’s spring camp and immediately leaves for the national training ground.

Major league clubs try to delay the selection of players for their national teams as much as possible. It is not only to match hands and feet with colleagues, but also to prevent the possibility of injury to players who are assets of the club. From the club’s point of view, the season is of course more important, so there are many cases in which players are allowed to join the national team right before the tournament after having them build enough bodies in their team. In view of such a tendency, Darvish’s situation is clearly exceptional and attracts attention.

Director Melvin revealed his thoughts toward Darvish. “Darvish is leaving the squad and is alone because he is leaving for Japan soon. However, he is a player who does not need to worry the most. He is training properly and will be able to pitch 4-5 innings now. There is. I saw a pitch clock in the bullpen,” he said. 안전놀이터

He added, “The timing of Darvish’s joining varies depending on how far the Japanese national team advances. It is currently unknown (when he will join), but he is still able to pitch 4-5 innings, so when he returns to the team, he will definitely prepare for the season opening. will be,” he emphasized.

Darvish also explained the situation of joining the national team directly without going through his team.

Darvish said, “(Joining the national team right away) was not a difficult decision for me. “I have a choice, but delaying joining… There may be cases where Japanese major leaguers participate in the WBC in the future. At that time, I hoped there would be no such thing as ‘I was late because I was in the major leagues’.”

In the trust of coach Melvin, Darvish immediately joins the national team and begins to temper. Attention is focusing on what results veteran Darvish, who leads the Japanese national team, will produce at the WBC.

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