A train collided in India yesterday evening (Feb. 2), killing nearly 300 people and injuring more than 1,000 so far. Some people are still trapped in the carriages, so the number of casualties is expected to rise, but so far, no Koreans are known to be on board.

Reporter Yewon Lee.


The train went off the tracks and twisted badly.

Some carriages were crumpled like paper메이저놀이터.

Search teams go inside the train, which is completely on its side.

Hospitals are filled with injured people.

At around 7pm local time, a train carrying passengers in the northeastern Indian state of Odisha derailed and collided with another train coming from the opposite direction.

The two trains collided and reportedly ran over a freight train that was stopped on another track.

The accident has so far killed at least 288 people and injured over 1,000 others.

[SURVIVOR: When I came out of the train, I saw people with disfigured faces, missing hands or legs].

There are still people trapped inside the carriages, so the number of casualties is likely to rise.

The Indian government is trying to determine the exact cause of the accident.

[Ashwini Vaishnau/Federal Railway Minister: a committee has been set up and will do a full investigation into the incident].

A representative from the Korean Embassy in Juju Do said that after checking with local police and security authorities in India, no Korean passengers have been identified.

[Official, Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Juju Do: We do not know of any South Korean nationals among the dead or injured, and we are continuing to check].

CNN reported that “13 million people travel by train every day in India, but the trains and tracks have been neglected for years.”

In India, more than 800 people were killed when a train plunged into a river during a typhoon in Bihar in 1981.

The Indian government declared a day of mourning and announced that it would do everything it could to help.

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