On the 15th at 4 am (Korean time), a French tourist was killed in Morocco ahead of the semifinal match between Morocco and France at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

According to AFP, a French female tourist in her 80s was attacked and killed by a man in Moulay Busselham, a coastal city near the Moroccan capital Rabat. In addition, her husband was also attacked and taken to the hospital, but it is known that life is not affected.

The perpetrator of the attack is said to have attacked the woman with a stone for no reason. The perpetrator was arrested and detained by the local police, and is said to be in an unstable state of mind.

Authorities are closely investigating the incident. 안전놀이터

Morocco was the first Arab country and the first African continent to reach the semifinals. The incident occurred two days before the semi-final match against France. Morocco, which has experienced both French and Spanish colonization, is a Muslim Sunni country with about 65% Arab. It is known that the French make up the majority of Morocco’s tourist population.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time a French tourist has been killed in Morocco. In January, a 79-year-old French tourist was stabbed to death in a market in the southern Moroccan city of Tiznit.

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