Rather than focusing on the outcome, I paid more attention to the process where everyone could be together. They tried to have fun in the fierceness, and it finally paid off.

IBK Industrial Bank is Kim Eui-soo (22 points, 15 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals, 2 3-point shots) in the preliminary round of the EVISU SPORTS Cup 2023 The K Employee Basketball League (www.kbasket.kr) 1st Group F held at the gym near Gwanak-gu, Seoul on the 13th. ), Park Jun-ho (19 points, 12 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals), and Seo Won-cheol (6 points, 7 rebounds, 2 3-point shots), they overcame the strong pursuit of Samsung Electronics SSIT TSB 61-52. 

In order to embody the joy that can be obtained from being together, he did an excellent job in his role. Kim Eui-su defended the bottom of the goal with Eun Hee-joo and Choi Jang-wook (4 points), and Park Jun-ho led the team’s attack by crossing the inside and outside. Seo Won-cheol helped out from outside the 3-point line, and Um Jae-bin, Yang Yeon-soo, and Yang Seon-ho showed a steadfast appearance. Lee Seok-hee (6 points, 5 rebounds) replaced Ahn Seong-hyun, who did not participate in the game due to personal reasons, and took on the role of a mental support and supported his juniors.

Samsung Electronics’ SSIT TSB experienced physical difficulties due to the lack of available personnel due to the number of injured. Nevertheless, he showed his fighting spirit until the end and made the IBK Industrial Bank players cool. Kim Kwan-woo (7 rebounds) scored 18 points, the most in the team, leading the team’s offense, while Han Seon-beom (10 points, 4 steals, 2 3-point shots) supported the team. Lee Min-cheol (9 points, 14 rebounds, 3 assists) and Park Sang-woo (2 points, 8 rebounds) kept the bottom of the net, while Ahn Kwang-mo (10 points, 4 rebounds) and Kim Jong-kyung (3 points, 6 rebounds) showed off their long-term skills and gave strength to their teammates. has added

It was the IBK Industrial Bank of Korea that pushed the opponent roughly from the beginning. Seo Won-cheol and Kim Eui-soo threw shots from outside the 3-point line without hesitation, and Park Jun-ho, along with Yang Seon-ho, dug into the gaps in the opponent’s defense tenaciously. While the four scored all 15 points in the first quarter, Um Jae-bin did not hesitate to support his teammates.

In SSIT TSB of Samsung Electronics, Lee Min-cheol attacked the bottom of the goal with Kim Jong-kyung and Park Sang-woo, and Kim Gwan-woo energized the team by crossing the inside and outside. Han Seon-beom was in charge of the game operation and led the team’s attack by leading the team members.

Entering the 2nd quarter, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea went out without hesitation. Kim Eui-soo and Park Jun-ho led the team’s attack by crossing the inside and outside. In particular, Kim Eui-soo’s performance shone. He dug under the net to score, and did his best to get the rebound. He didn’t stop there, but made a shot from outside the 3-point line to widen the range of his teammates. Park Jun-ho dug in without hesitation thanks to Kim Eui-soo’s performance, and raised his offensive power even further by handing out passes that matched his teammates’ tastes. Seo Won-cheol made a 3-point shot, and Yang Yeon-soo, Lee Seok-hee, and Eun Hee-joo helped from under the goal.

Samsung Electronics SSIT TSB also started to pursue. After Han Seon-beom made a 3-point shot, Lee Min-chul, Park Sang-woo, and Kim Kwan-woo crossed the inside and outside to score. Instead of giving Kim Jong-kyung a break, Ahn Kwang-mo, who was waiting for a sortie on the bench, tried to raise the mood by working hard on dirty work. However, due to poor physical strength, it was difficult to close the gap.

In the second half, SSIT TSB of Samsung Electronics raised the team atmosphere to the fullest. ‘Young blood’ Kim Kwan-woo took on the role of vitality. After breaking through, he scored by attempting a floater, and passed the pass to his teammates to increase the score. He scored 7 points in the 3rd quarter alone. The two veterans, Ahn Kwang-mo and Kim Jong-kyung, contributed strength in the mid-range, and Han Seon-beom added strength by making a successful 3-point shot.

Instead of giving Park Jun-ho and Kim Eui-soo a break, IBK Industrial Bank Lee Seok-hee and Choi Jang-wook took the lead in team attacks while breathing together with their juniors. Seo Won-cheol moved in and out and focused on the dirty work, and Yang Seon-ho, Um Jae-bin, and Yang Yeon-soo did not hesitate to help their colleagues. Park Jun-ho and Kim Eui-soo, who had accumulated their strength amidst the team’s performance, went on the court and led the team’s attack when the opponents were closing the gap.

Samsung Electronics SSIT TSB, which narrowed the gap in the 3rd quarter, accelerated further in the 4th quarter. Kim Kwan-woo scored from inside and outside, Lee Min-cheol from under the goal, and Han Seon-beom from inside and outside the 3-point line. Kim Jong-kyung, Ahn Kwang-mo and Park Sang-woo worked hard on the dirty work and supported the team members.

At IBK Industrial Bank, Park Jun-ho persistently dug into gaps in the opponent’s defense, and Lee Seok-hee helped from the bottom of the goal. However, this alone could not easily shake off the opponent’s offensive. Samsung Electronics SSIT TSB did not miss this opportunity, and Ahn Kwang-mo succeeded in narrowing the gap to 52-57 with a 3+1 shot a minute before the end. But, that was it. Ahn Kwang-mo made a successful shot and threw both free throws into the air from the opposing team’s foul, and dropped his head in regret. In IBK Industrial Bank, Park Jun-ho and Kim Eui-soo scored consecutively to put a wedge in the match.

MVP was selected as the IBK Industrial Bank young jockey Kim Eui-soo, who was very active with 22 points, 15 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 steals, including two 3-point shots. He said, “I was more active than in the previous game,” and “I feel that my body has improved in every way, including today’s game and the more I play, the more united I am.”

It was IBK Industrial Bank, whose performance in the first half and second half was quite different. He said, “Since the sum in the middle did not match well, my heart became impatient. And he conceded a number of goals to the opposing team’s veteran players. +1 isn’t really great. Still, I concentrated until the end and was able to get good results,” he sighed in relief.

It was Kim Eui-soo who tried 3-point shots without hesitation even though he was in charge of the team’s main center. He has a success rate that is as good as 3 to 40%. In response, “There are not many players in the team who can shoot, so I thought I should try it with confidence today.” I thought you wouldn’t go back So when I go out and shoot, I naturally see the effect of widening the radius of activity.”

It was literally. Thanks to Kim Eui-soo’s 온라인카지노ability to throw a three-point shot, it was IBK Industrial Bank that confirmed the effect of creating a synergy effect in the offensive sector along with Park Jun-ho and Seo Won-cheol. In response, “In modern basketball, it is an era where even the center must be able to throw a 3-point shot. And being able to throw a 3-point shot makes basketball easier. I am trying to throw more because I can have more advantages. I felt good in the first half, so I went in well, but in the second half, I got out of the rim. It was a little regretful,” he said.

“I think we need to raise it to about 40% in terms of success rate. Actually, my brothers don’t like me shooting the 3-pointer. In today’s game, we tried to do more plays that we wanted to implement, and we got good results. As much as the hyungs give me a lot of opportunities, I will do it according to my needs, but I will try to maximize my strengths.”

IBK Industrial Bank is showing the team culture that has changed in this competition. Young players such as Park Jun-ho, Kim Eui-soo, and Seo Won-cheol and senior players came together to build a culture where everyone could be together. In response, “The hyungs give more advice than the part where they give their opinions. I don’t know how other teams are, but I tend to talk a lot relatively,” he said. “The hyungs try to give me a lot of opportunities. And whenever there are ups and downs, the hyungs are a strong support and bring out the stable atmosphere. The content of the game is not bad, so I will keep it well until the end of the tournament so that you can enjoy it.”

It was IBK Industrial Bank of Korea where the harmony between seniors and juniors was well harmonized. The reason why this atmosphere can be created is because Ahn Seong-hyun played a good role as a mental support. He also said, “He takes care of me really well. Before, whenever a crisis hit, (Ahn) Seong-hyeon hyung cut it off well and controlled it well. In today’s game, (Ahn) Seong-hyun didn’t have an older brother, so we made a lot of effort internally so that we could talk a lot among ourselves.”

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea finished all of the preliminaries with the last match of the day. He said, “I will do more talking in the defensive part. In my case, I tend to talk a lot behind the goal, but since there is no communication on the outskirts, I am weak in the defensive part against teams with good 3-point shots. I will refine it through training to minimize fouls and show the defensive organization that can cause the opponent’s mistakes,” he said. I have to refine my defense and show a competitive appearance no matter what team I face, and I will make sure that everyone participates and has fun.”

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