“I sell it at 30,000 won per piece.”

On the 7th at 8:00 PM, as soon as the reservations for singer Psy’s안전놀이터 ‘Drenched Show’ began, the waiting number soared to the 30,000 level, causing a ticketing ‘crisis’. On second-hand trading sites, scalping transactions that sell at a higher price are also prevalent. As such, as you can enjoy performances without wearing a mask this year, sales of famous singer concerts, performances, and musicals are enjoying special endemic (endemicization of infectious diseases).300% increase in sales from movies and concert halls

According to the industry on the 13th, sales in the cultural industry, such as movies and concert halls, which suffered the most sales damage due to the impact of the Corona 19 pandemic (pandemic), increased by more than 300% in three years.

According to BC Card, sales in major domestic industries in April increased by 1.2% compared to the previous month. Consumer sentiment, which was dampened at the time of Corona 19, is reviving.

Among the major industries, sales in the fields of pet and culture (8.7%↑), leisure (7.5%↑), shopping (2.8%↑) and medical (0.6%↑) increased compared to the previous month. In particular, sales in the cultural industry, such as movies and concert halls, surged by 354% compared to three years ago, when it was hit by Corona 19.

BC Card saw that sales in the culture industry increased significantly compared to the time of the Corona 19 crisis, and culture-related consumption was on the normal track. An official from BC Card explained, “As endemic allows us to return to our daily lives before Corona 19 from next month, the business environment for franchise owners who have suffered is expected to improve.”

Immediately after opening tickets for ‘Drenched Show’, the standby number recorded ‘30,000 ‘

The ‘Drenching Show’, considered one of the representative concerts of the summer, is an outdoor watering performance that has been suspended since 2020 due to Corona 19, but resumed last year. However, when some of the visitors were infected with Corona 19, it was also embroiled in controversy. On the other hand, starting this year, waiting numbers soared to the 30,000 level immediately after ticket opening, with anticipation that all spectators could watch the performance without wearing a mask.

There are several famous musical performances such as ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ and ‘Chicago’, so the number of visitors to indoor performances has increased significantly. On the 27th of last month, a large number of people gathered at the site of the musical “Chicago,” which was performed in Korea in commemoration of the 25th anniversary in six years at Blue Square in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. All tickets for the performance were sold out, and there was a scene where people lined up to go to the bathroom during the intermission.

Mr. Kim (25), who watched ‘Chicago’ that day, said, “I came to see an art performance that I hadn’t seen before as the corona was over.” said.In the industry, various performances are being held one after another, aiming for such an endemic special. Tickets for the ‘Phantom Singer 4’ Seoul concert, which opened on Melon Ticket and Interpark Ticket on the 8th, sold out all 8,000 seats in 10 minutes. WeMakePrice also started booking tickets for the ‘2023 Walkerhill Bikini Pool Party’ and ‘S2O Korea Songkran Music Festival’ on the same day.

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