“Mom, I want to eat cherry tomatoes.”

A woman in her 40s who stole a pack of cherry tomatoes from a mart at the words of her six-year-old daughter was booked by the police.

The Guri Police Station in Gyeonggi-do announced today (14th) that it requested a summary judgment against a woman in her 40s who was charged with theft in April. A summary trial is a summary trial conducted at the request of the police in accordance with the ‘Procedural Act for Summary Trials’ without going through formal criminal proceedings for minor criminal cases.

Mr. A is accused of stealing a pack of cherry tomatoes from a mart in Guri City on April 15th. It was found that the price of the cherry tomatoes was less than 8,000 won.

The police, who received a report from the mart, identified Mr. A through closed circuit ( CC ) TV and charged him with theft.

Mr. A returned her leftover cherry tomatoes and confessed that 안전놀이터“her daughter begged her to eat them, but she stole them because she had no money.”

As a result of the investigation, Mr. A was experiencing financial difficulties raising her six-year-old daughter alone after her divorce.

The police opened a minor crime review committee against her Mr. A and decided to request a summary judgment. The Minor Crime Judgment Committee is a system in which the suspect in a minor case has no criminal history and is a socially disadvantaged person such as a recipient of basic livelihood security, the disabled, or the elderly.

It is said that most of the cases where her circumstances are pitiful like Mr. A end with a suspended sentence.

He told the reporter, “Mr. A was charged with theft, so he requested a summary judgment. The result will come out on the 26th.”

Guri City plans to support Mr. A in various ways, such as carrying out emergency welfare for 3 months and helping Mr. A find a job.

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