“I wasn’t interested in the lottery, but… I think I’m going to buy a lottery ticket or two now.” Mr. Kim (50), who attended the ‘National Lottery 6/45 Lottery Public Broadcasting’ held at the new building in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 10th, said Mr. Kim (50), “Before watching the live broadcast, ‘

Lotto I’ve never thought of ‘I should buy ‘, but I’ve completely changed my mind.” Mr. Kim said, “My son likes lottery so much, but he usually distrusts lottery to the point of scolding him to stop buying it.” Bonnie) I thought, ‘Manipulation won’t be easy’.”

Endless ‘Lotto manipulation controversy… How was it before ‘Public Live’?

Recently, while the suspicion of ‘manipulation controversy’ about the lottery continues to be raised, the Lottery Committee of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance and the accompanying lottery ticket, the organizer of the lottery, conducted a live broadcast of the lottery lottery at MBC’s new building in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. Only about 15 ordinary people attended the weekly lottery lottery broadcast, but on this day, 150 people, more than 10 times the usual number, attended the public broadcast. Including reporters and officials, more than 200 people gathered to watch the first public broadcast.

It was the first time since the issuance of a lottery lottery that a large number of people were invited and the site of the lottery lottery was opened, so the public’s attention was focused. As a result of recruiting observers for the lottery lottery broadcast on the 15th and 26th of last month, a total of 1704 people applied for 150 people. The application target was limited to ordinary people aged 19 or older who had no experience of watching lottery or pension broadcasting in the past six months, and observers were selected through a lottery.

At 2:25 pm on the same day, 6 hours before the full-scale live broadcast began, people were waiting in line to enter the broadcast. The ages, genders, and regions of those who gathered for the observation were diverse. Some of those who gathered said the reason for the visit was “to resolve doubts about lottery manipulation.” Na-mo (50), who came from Jeonju, Jeonbuk, said, “I came to see it in person because I was curious if there was a lottery manipulation.” I wanted to understand,” he said.

Before the observers entered the studio, the lottery equipment warehouse was opened to reporters and the process of installing and inspecting the lottery machine was disclosed. The lottery equipment was stored in a warehouse with closed circuit ( CC ) TVs , double locks, and seals installed for supplementation . A companion lottery official said, “Only when companion lottery tickets and broadcasters are together, we open the warehouse door and take out lottery-related equipment.” There is a stand. There is no functional difference between the lottery machines.”

After installing the lottery equipment, a press conference was held, and in the first part of the event, a talk show was prepared with the theme of ‘Curiosity about lottery, science and psychology answer’. In the second part, observers and reporters watched the lottery preparation process (lottery inspection, etc.) and rehearsals. MC and broadcaster Seo Gyeong-seok, who has been conducting live broadcasts for Lotto for five years before rehearsals, asserted, “There is no manipulation at all” and “I have been conducting live broadcasts for five years, but it is impossible”, and laughter erupted from the audience .

Before the live broadcast, observers had time to choose a lottery ball set to be used for the live broadcast. The process of sealing unused ball sets was also shown in front of the audience, and about three lottery tests were conducted after the ball sets were designated. Officials measured the weight and circumference of the lottery balls to be used in the broadcast, while police officials were also present to check whether there were any problems with the balls to be used.

After rehearsal, the broadcast, ‘MBC Live Broadcast Happy Dream Lotto 6/45’, started at 8:35 pm. After introducing the news of winning last week and examples of good use of the lottery fund, a lottery was held, and the lottery result (winning number) was immediately disclosed and the안전놀이터 live broadcast ended.

“There were a lot of suspicious things”… The reaction of the observers after the live broadcast ended

After the live broadcast ended, observers gave answers regarding the lottery lottery, such as “I was relieved of suspicion of manipulation” and “It is certain that it is a probability-based game, so I will continue to buy it with hope.”

A 43-year-old aunt from Incheon said, “I usually buy a lottery ticket every week, but I was curious about how the lottery goes through to become a lottery.” I’m a bit relieved now,” he said. Mr. Kang (30), who came from Jongno-gu, Seoul, said, “I have had a lot of doubts about the lottery these days, and it’s nice that such an event has been arranged.” After seeing everything, I accepted it, saying, ‘It can’t be manipulated.’ It seems to be going well according to the procedure.” Mr. Lee (35), who came from Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do, said, “There were not one or two suspicious things about the lottery,” but “I thought that the lottery was conducted transparently and fairly. I liked the fact that an expert psychologically analyzed my mind.”

In a talk show prior to the live broadcast, experts emphasized that “the lottery can never be manipulated.”

Kim Bum-joon, professor of physics at Sungkyunkwan University, said, “Scientists define lotto as a game based on simple random probability.” is a common misunderstanding,” he analyzed. Heo Tae-gyun, a professor of psychology at Korea University, also said, “Lotto is basically based on unrealistic optimism of humans, but the essence of lottery is a public psychological service.” Isn’t it equivalent to the possibility of being struck by lightning?”

This large-scale public live broadcasting event was held to publicize the fairness and transparency of the lottery broadcasting lottery through active communication with the public, according to the companion lottery ticket. Kim Seo-joong, Secretary General of the Lottery Committee of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, said, “The reason why many people were invited to this broadcast is that if you watch the live broadcast and there are people around you who go back and say, ‘Lotto is a recorded broadcast’, ‘I saw it myself, so it is a live broadcast’. I wanted you to say that,” he emphasized.

Hong Deok-ki, CEO of the companion lottery ticket, also said, “Recently, people’s interest in the lottery has increased as there have been a number of first and second place winners in the lottery.” We will make efforts to make the lottery a more wholesome leisure culture.” He added, “To prevent forgery and falsification of the lottery, we will not be satisfied with the present and will improve further.”

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