Guillermo Heredia (32), the new foreign hitter of SSG Landers, prayed for the success of the Cuban and Korean national teams in the World Baseball Classic안전놀이터 (WBC).

Heredia arrived at Incheon International Airport on the 8th after finishing camp in Okinawa, Japan. In an interview after his return to Korea, he said, “It was a preparation period to improve my physical condition because I couldn’t play against other teams in the US. This time, he was able to figure out what pitches were being thrown and find the timing while facing different teams and pitchers. He is adjusting well,” he said after the camp.

“Korean pitchers are not very different,” said Heredia. “The official pitches are different and the types of pitchers may be different, but the styles are different within the sport of baseball. If he adapts well to the timing, I think there will be no problem.”

As soon as he arrived at the airport, Heredia, who watched the World Baseball Classic (WBC) match between Cuba and the Netherlands, said, “I am in Korea now, but my hometown is Cuba. That’s why I’m rooting for Cuba. I hope to win this year,” he laughed.

Cuba, along with the Netherlands, Taiwan, Italy and Panama, were drawn in Group A of the first round of the WBC in Taichung, Taiwan. Finishing second or better in their group advances to the quarterfinals. If Cuba advances to the quarterfinals, there is a possibility of meeting Korea in Group B. Cuba lost their opening match against the Netherlands 2-4.

Heredia said, “I am in Korea, but I am a Cuban player. If the two countries compete in the tournament, I think it will be very fun to watch the match,” he said, looking forward to a Korea-Cuba match.

Heredia, who said, “I am acquainted with almost all the players who play for the Cuban national team,” said, “I was also acquainted with Jose Fernandez and Audrey Samer Despine, who played in the KBO League, so I was able to get advice. They were players who emphasized cultural adaptation, so I heard a lot of advice in that area. He told me not to be too stressed because time will take care of the food or the culture I don’t know,” said his Cuban colleagues.

Heredia, who entered the KBO league for the first time, said, “I am a player who is mentally strong and helpful to the team. I tend to adapt well wherever I go. I hope that part of it will be connected to the performance. Rather than worrying about my personal record, I will work hard to contribute to the team’s victory.”

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