Eden Hazard (Real Madrid), who has been branded as a ‘freaking out’, has admitted that he is not currently talking to manager Carlo Ancelotti.

Hazard left Chelsea in 2019 for a transfer fee of 88 million pounds 메이저사이트(140 billion won) and wore a Real Madrid uniform. Hazard was Chelsea’s ace and was also the best striker in the English Premier League (EPL). He headed to Real Madrid with high expectations.

However, his expectations soon turned to disappointment. Controversy, including injuries and being overweight, made Hazard degenerate into Real Madrid’s nemesis. He hasn’t been of any help to the team. Still, his salary ranks first on the team. Azar’s weekly wage is a whopping £470,000 (750 million won).

There were constant speculations that Hazard would leave Real Madrid, but these were just rumors. Hazard is still wearing the Real Madrid shirt.

He revealed the current situation and future aspirations through Belgium’s ‘RTBF’. First, he admitted he wasn’t talking to manager Ancelotti. “There is respect between us. I respect Ancelotti, but we are not talking to each other,” Hazard said.

Hazard then expressed his determination to restore his honor at Real Madrid.

He said: “I miss the stadium, I want to play. I want to have fun on the pitch. I want to bring something out from the bottom of my heart. I want to show that I can do it. I hope the coach still believes in me. Real Madrid. I have always said that I want to stay. A transfer is not in my plans.”

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