As the inspection schedule is set, the political battles are getting more intense. The power of the people called an expert who said that you can directly drink the contaminated water that has gone through the treatment process and heard the story. Then, the Democratic Party urged that if it is safe water, do not throw it into the sea and use it as drinking water.

Next is Reporter Park Chan-beom.


The power of the people invited Wade Allison, Professor Emeritus of Oxford University, to examine the dangers of contaminated water in the realm of science.

She said she could drink a liter of water that had gone through a multi-nuclide removal plant, a few days ago she continued her claim.

[Wade Allison/Professor Emeritus, Oxford University토스카지노, England: Even if you drink (about 1L) water, after about 2 weeks, it will be at the same level as before. So you can drink. You can drink about 10 times as much water as this.]

The reason was that tritium does not accumulate in the body and the half-life is as short as 12 days.

The ruling party member first drew a line when asked if it was okay to import marine products from Fukushima if the treated contaminated water was safe, but [Rep. Seong Il-jong/

People’s Power: (Professor Allison) is not a matter to answer that. The Korean government said that it would not import seafood from eight regions, including Fukushima.]

Professor Allison replied with the intention that seafood would be safe.

[Wade Allison/Professor Emeritus, University of Oxford, England: I think the same applies to seafood from Fukushima, here (Korea), or from anywhere in the world.] In front of the National Assembly, a condemnation contest was held in which a model of Professor Allison’s face was sprayed with contaminated water


Democrats also joined the criticism.

[Lee Jae-myeong/Democratic Party Representative: If you think it’s safe to drink it as drinking water, why do you throw it into the sea? Wouldn’t it be possible to use it as drinking water or reuse it as industrial or agricultural water?]

The leadership of the Democratic Party will attend a civic group rally to stop the discharge of contaminated water from Fukushima tomorrow (20th) at Cheonggyecheon Plaza in Seoul.

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