Ulsan Hyundai continues its overwhelming lead. In the ‘Hana One Q K League 1 2023’, which finished up to round 13, it is running first with 11 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, and 34 points, along with the latest 5 wins in a row. Even competition is not allowed. It is a whopping double-digit score difference with FC Seoul, which was defeated 3-2 at Ulsan Munsu Stadium on the 14th, Jeju United, and Pohang Steelers (23 points above) in the second place.

It is safe to say that Jeonbuk Hyundai, the ‘family rival’ that has repeatedly inflicted pain on Ulsan, was pushed out of the competition for the championship with only 15 points. Wrong scouting, such as the recruitment of foreign strikers below expectations, and a안전놀이터 failed physical system overlapped, and even after spending the most money, they were unable to avoid falling.

On the other hand, Ulsan, who scores a lot of goals while minimizing runs, draws games that could be lost and wins games that should be drawn, so their confidence soars. With the current momentum, there is a good chance of securing a second league title in a row and a career fourth title early. The 2023 season’absolute first round’ is a situation in which it is difficult for anyone to deny the fact that it is Ulsan.

Nevertheless, Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo is not conceited. He admits, “I think the current trend will continue for the time being,” but he lowers his attitude by saying, “We are challengers whether yesterday or today.” Last season, if you challenged the league for the first time in 17 years since 2005, this year it means that you will challenge for the first consecutive championship in club history.

Having played an active role as the best player in active duty, and having gone through ups and downs as a leader through experience as an administrator, he knows better than anyone else that even if the atmosphere is good right now, a big crisis will come the moment you are not vigilant. Especially if it’s a long race. This is why he scolds the players more when they play well and get the results they want, and praise them more when the situation is bitter.

Director Hong Myung-bo from Ulsan. Sports Donga DB

Words that are absolutely taboo in the Ulsan team are ‘solo’ and ‘winner’. “The season has just begun. He has a lot more games left to play than he has played so far.” It means to be faithful to every moment and every game, instead of having a good time.

Compared to the past, he has definitely become more flexible, but he does not hesitate to give strong stimulation to his players if necessary. Coach Hong said, “The soccer field is a battlefield. You cannot beat an opponent by jumping in a comfortable and calm state of mind. He is always humble, but he commands us to fight to win the war.”

Maybe that’s why after the launch of ‘Hongmyeongbo’, the losing streak disappeared in Ulsan. It is the result of a steady process of empathy and understanding by the team by identifying the exact situation after the defeat and deriving improvement points. Here, Ulsan prepares for a crisis that has yet to come. “Definitely, the hump will come. Director Hong’s theory is that we must predict and prepare for this in advance.

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