Professional baseball Hanwha posted a win rate of 0.324 (46 wins, 2 draws, 96 losses) last year, falling 14 games behind 9th place Doosan. Almost all indicators are down. 온라인카지노 The WAR (contribution to victory against substitute players) of each player, which is different from the ‘crystal’ of various records for each player, was also not good.

The fact that there are many players with excellent WAR means that the team has a large player base. It is no different from having a lot of available resources for the 1st team.

Throughout the Stove League, Hanwha focused on gathering power to fight the new season. In the FA (free agent) market, Chae Eun-seong, Lee Tae-yang, and Oh Seon-jin were recruited, and veteran outfielder Lee Myung-gi was added again through a ‘sign and trade’ with NC. Here, in order to provide a safety device for the catcher power, a young catcher Lee Jae-yong was additionally recruited in a trade with NC.

In a phone call with a reporter on the 16th, Hanwha general manager Son Hyuk, who is at the campsite in Arizona, USA, said, “I thought that a competitive structure within the team was necessary. The trade was also a choice to take that tone a little more clearly,” he explained. General manager Son’s intention can also be interpreted as ultimately creating ‘depth’ within the team.

The changes in WAR of key players of Hanwha, which will appear during the new season, are expected to serve as reference material to review the success or failure of the winter.

For example, it is worth looking at the figures for the 10th ranked WAR player on the team. If you are the 10th player in all pitches, you are the player who becomes the ‘waist’ of the team’s power. If you look at the record of the top 10 players in WAR by team, you can also see the history of that team.

Last season, Hanwha’s 10th place in WAR was infielder Park Jung-hyun, with a record of 0.87 (based on stats). However, Hanwha was the only player in the team who ranked 10th in WAR below 1.00.

In the case of LG, the 2nd place team in the regular season last year, Chae Eun-seong, who ranked 10th in the team, recorded 3.02, and Lee Tae-yang, who was 10th in WAR in the team of SSG, the overall champion last year, also recorded 2.01. Coincidentally, both players are preparing for the new season wearing Hanwha uniforms.

In addition, the records of most of the same ranked players in the club, such as Wes Benjamin (2.53), who ranked 4th in the regular season last year, and Thomas Panoni (1.90), who ranked 5th in the regular season and 10th in WAR in the team of KIA, ranked 5th in the regular season. ‘ was different.

Last year, Tyler Appler (1.33), who ranked 3rd in the regular season and 10th in WAR of Kiwoom, and Gun-Hee Hong (1.09), who ranked 9th in the regular season and 10th in Doosan’s WAR, were slightly over 1.00, but mid- and low-ranking teams such as Lotte, Samsung, and NC The records of the same ranked players were also relatively good. In particular, NC’s 10th place was Park Min-woo with a 2.28 WAR.

As a result, Hanwha’s power reinforcement process was a task to enhance the competitiveness of each player. When the new season has passed for some time, if you look at the players with the same WAR ranking by team, changes in Hanwha will also appear. Who will be Hanwha’s top 10 WAR player in the new season? And how much will that number be?

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