Amateur golf powerhouse Jang Yu-bin (21, Han National Sport University), who will compete as a national representative in the Hangzhou Asian Games in September, won the opening game of the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Srixon Tour 2023.

In the final round of the tournament held on the 29th at Solago Country Club Sol Course (par 71) in Taean, Chungcheongnam-do, Jang Yu-bin scored a 10-under-par 61 and came out on top with a total of 17-under 125 in the second round.

Jang Yu-bin made a thrilling play that day, catching only 10 birdies without a bogey, and beat Park Hyung-wook (24) in second place by a whopping 7 strokes.

The win by 7 strokes is the tie record for winning the most strokes on the Srixon Tour.

Jang Yu-bin, who won the Korea Golf Association Jangbae Amateur Golf Championship in April last year and was selected as the national team to participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games, won the Songambae Amateur Championship in August last year and ranked third in the Heo Jeong-koo Korean Amateur Championship. be strong

The amateur player’s victory on the Srixon Tour is the second ever since Park Joon-hong (22) won the Srixon Tour 16th tournament in September 2021.

With this victory, Jang Yu-bin has secured an advantage in another goal of advancing to the Korean Tour next year.

Yubin Jang received 16,000 of her Srixon tour points and rose to the top of the points rankings.

Unlike the Korean Tour, there is no special benefit for the winner of the Srixon Tour, where players are selected through preliminary rounds for each tournament without a separate seed, but even if you are an amateur, if you rank within the top 10 in total points for the season, you can receive a Korean Tour seed for next year.

Park Hyung-wook, who took 2nd place (10 under par 132 strokes) by reducing 6 strokes that day, missed the championship, but received 16 million won in prize money to soothe his disappointment.

Cho Woo-young (21), a colleague of the national team who will participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games with Jang Yu-bin, was tied for third place (8 under par 134 strokes).

This year’s Srixon Tour, which held the opening game on this day, has undergone several changes.

The most notable change is the fact that all 20 competitions will be broadcast on TV.

Last year, only eight competitions, less than half, were broadcast.

In the first round of this tournament, the SBS golf relay team came down to the scene and recorded the game. The 10th tournament in 3 rounds and the final game of the season will be broadcast live.

You can also view real-time 안전놀이터scores on practice greens and several locations on the course.

The presence of broadcast cameras and live scoreboards has quite a bit to do with performance. This is because the players feel more pressure.

It has become similar to the regular Korean tour.

The Srixon Tour is the lifeline that supplies excellent players to the Korean Tour.

Kim Seong-hyeon (25), who won the KPGA Championship in 2020 and entered the PGA Tour, and Kim Min-gyu (2), the winner of the 2022 Korea Open, Bae Yong-joon (23), the rookie of the year, and Jung Chan-min (24), the long hitter. Kim Young-soo (34), who swept the grand prize and prize money last year, honed his skills on the Srixon tour.

Dunlop Sports Korea (CEO Hong Soon-seong), which has been the title sponsor of the Srixon Tour for the fourth year since 2020, has contributed greatly to establishing the Srixon Tour as the lifeline of the Korean Tour.

Dunlop Sports Korea, which invests more than 1 billion won a year into the Srixon Tour by looking into the future rather than the present, spares no expense in prize money and operating expenses, as well as providing supplies to players.

Dunlop is providing supplies such as balls and gloves to 450 Srixon Tour players this year.

Srixon Tour, where only players who have passed the preliminaries, participate in each tournament, and it is difficult to sign a supply contract because there is no guarantee that players will participate, but Dunlop Sports Korea supports it regardless.

In addition, Dunlop Sports Korea has prepared the conditions for the players to show their best performance by adding five KPGA professional Peters to the tour van used for the Srixon Tour.

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