On the afternoon of the 21st, when it was raining, the appearance of Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon arriving at the National Assembly is a hot topic. This is because he showed the opposite behavior from the so-called ‘Emperor Rite’, which made citizens frown in the past.

Minister Han got off the official car to attend the plenary안전놀이터 session of the National Assembly that afternoon. It was a day when it rained 5 to 20 mm in Seoul. Minister Han opened the black umbrella and entered the front door. On the left side of Minister Han, a man presumed to be an aide was caught walking side by side with an umbrella.

The man puts his cell phone in his suit pocket and tries to get an umbrella from Minister Han, but Minister Han ignores this and covers the umbrella all the way to the entrance of the building. Afterwards, he folded the umbrella himself and handed it to the man, while Minister Han stood in front of the reporters and took questions.

On August 27, 2021, Minister Han’s appearance was tied up with the controversy over the’Emperor Protocol’ by then Vice Minister of Justice Kang Seong-guk, and gathered topics online. The controversy that was summoned again this time was ignited when Vice Minister Kang knelt down on the rainy floor and held an umbrella while Vice Minister Kang was briefing on special contributors from Afghanistan.

At the time, the Ministry of Justice explained, “The employee was holding an umbrella next to him at first, but he did not want to appear on the broadcast camera, so he moved behind the vice minister and held an umbrella. . Vice Minister Kang eventually issued an apology and said, “I bow my head in apology to the public regardless of the reason because I was not able to take a look at the hidden efforts of the Ministry of Justice staff to do their best without sacrificing themselves to ensure a solemn and efficient briefing.”

Likewise, on January 21, 2021, when it was raining, the appearance of then-Minister of Justice Chu Mi-ae putting her hand in her pocket was also mentioned while attending the signboard hanging ceremony of the High-ranking Officials Criminal Investigation Office (Airborne Office) held at the Gwacheon Government Complex. Netizens presumed to be Minister Han’s supporters poured out favorable comments such as “I really like the easy-going and lack of authority” and “I really like the natural caring mind that seems to be ingrained in the body.”

After taking office as minister, Minister Han has shown de-authoritative actions, such as instructing employees through the internal network of the Ministry of Justice to remove the word ‘nim’ when referring to ministers and other executives in all reports and documents. He also ordered that the protocol to open his car door be removed.

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