A high school student pushed and knocked over a teacher who was reprimanding him, causing the teacher to suffer a 12-week injury. The student was disciplined by the school.

According to the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education today (Nov. 24)토토사이트, A-gun, a freshman at a high school in Gyeonggi Province, got into a fight with a friend on Nov. 19. Teacher B, who witnessed the incident, brought him to the staff room and had him write a report.

A disobeyed B’s instructions and tried to leave the office. B tried to stop him, but he was pushed by A and fell, causing him to suffer a 12-week injury.

The school held a student life education committee on the 22nd and decided to discipline Mr. A. However, the school did not immediately report the incident to the district education office.

According to the Special Act for Improving the Status of Teachers and Protecting Educational Activities, if a teacher is diagnosed with a criminal offense that requires medical treatment for more than four weeks, it must be reported immediately to the competent education support agency and the education office.

“The school is required to report within 48 hours of the incident,” an MOE official told JTBC, adding that they would look into the oversight process. “The exact level of the student’s discipline is a matter of personal information,” the official said, adding that “there are procedures such as in-school reconsideration requests and administrative appeals if the discipline is disputed.” The Student Life and Education Committee, which deals with student leadership issues, said that the discipline was not eligible for entry in the student record.

The district added that it would support the teacher in returning to the field after treatment.

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