In the first round, there wasn’t any significant action as both men were feinting and trying to see what each other had to offer. Both men jabbed back and forth in the second round as they attempted to establish their range. Toward the end of the round, Davis landed an overhand left which got a pop from the crowd. In the third round, Garcia pawed with his right jab at a range 토토 that kept him far enough away to get countered hard by Davis. Garcia landed some clean straight left hands while Davis assessed the situation and Garcia’s power.

In round fourth, Davis started to unleash some bombs as the straight left was working, and on his counter shots, the right hook was finding a home on Garcia’s chin. Garcia stood his ground and landed two punch combinations toward the end of the round. Round five saw Davis land a hard straight left hand that tested the chin of Garcia towards the end of the round.

Garcia landed a double right hook in round six, followed by a left hook to the body. Garcia was patient in the round and did not allow himself to stay in the clinches too long. In round seven, Garcia was dictating the pace. He was using that right jab to keep him out of harm’s way. Davis appeared frustrated but still landed some heavy shots while in close range.

In the eighth round, a left hook by Davis stunned Garcia towards the end of the round. Garcia was hurt but survived the round. Once Garcia went to the corner, he had a conversation with his trainer, and the fight was stopped. During the post-fight interview, Garcia said that the right side of his head was hurting, which was affecting his vision, and he could not continue. Davis now looks ahead at a showdown with Ryan Garcia tentatively scheduled for April.

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