This is sports news. It’s been three days since coach Klinsman took over our soccer command tower, but the controversy still hasn’t subsided. why? This is because it is difficult to find a clear answer to this question. ‘German football legend’ coach Cha Bum-geun was also surprised.

This is reporter Onnuri.


He was the best player, but he failed to prove himself as a manager.

He led the German national team to 3rd place in his country’s World Cup, but was caught up in controversy over ‘telecommuting’ and ‘lack of tactics’, and even after advancing to the round of 16 with the US national team through the ‘group of death’, he resigned due to poor performance and leadership issues. .

He also caused controversy when he resigned via social media after 77 days in charge of the German team in 2019.

For this reason, questions arose about whether the leader was right for the direction Korean football was going, but the Football Association’s explanation was far short.

[Michael Müller/Football Association Power Reinforcement Chairman: The strong personality was attractive. I think he will act as a manager, not just a coach.]

Fans are anxious.메이저놀이터

It is because of concerns that Korean football, which had its ‘best moment’ by advancing to the round of 16, would have elected a leader without fierce discussion about what it would be like in the North-Central America World Cup three years later.

Former manager Cha Bum-geun, who played with Klinsman in the Bundesliga during his active career, said he was surprised but wished for success.

[Cha Bum-geun/Former soccer team coach: Now that I’ve been selected, I hope the coach leads Korean soccer well, and if there’s a way to help, I’ll do my best (I’ll help from behind the scenes.)] Coach Klinsman will return to Korea next week and begin full-fledged activities

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