Konkuk University won three consecutive victories thanks to Freddy’s performance.

Konkuk University won 83-48 in the match against Sangmyung University in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League held at the Konkuk University Global Campus Gymnasium on the 2nd.

Konkuk University took the lead in the victory, recording 30 points and 26 rebounds, with center Freddy kicking 12 offensive rebounds. Choi Seung-bin scored 12 points and 4 rebounds, and Kim Joon-young scored 12 points.

Sangmyung University had to realize the limits of its height by conceding 18 offensive rebounds to Konkuk University, although Kim Jeong-hyeon (16 points) and Hong Dong-myeong (15 points) fought hard while Choi Jun-hwan was injured during the first half of the game.

At the beginning of the first quarter, Sangmyung University took the lead by shaking Konkuk University’s 2-2 defense. Sangmyung 메이저사이트University took the initiative early in the game, harassing Konkuk University’s offense through strong pressure.

However, Konkuk University quickly turned the game around as Choi Seung-bin’s low post attack and Freddy’s offensive rebound revived, and turnovers continued to occur in the 2-2 defense.

Konkuk University, which overturned the first quarter to 18-14, widened the gap through Freddy’s overwhelming height in the second quarter. Sangmyung University scored only 9 points in the 2nd quarter due to errors, field misses, and poor free throw success rate. The first half ended with Konkuk University leading 37-20.

The gap between the two teams widened further in the second half.

Sangmyung University, where Choi Jun-hwan left due to an ankle injury in the first half, could not control the height of Konkuk University at all. Konkuk University easily released the attack with Choi Seung-bin and Freddy’s high-low game and second chance scoring production, and the score gap widened by more than 20 points.

In the fourth quarter, Sangmyung University suffered additional injuries and Kim Jeong-hyeon was sent off for five fouls, reducing the number of available players to four.

Konkuk University ran away by more than 30 points, accumulating points with a quick attack and 3 points against the box-shaped Sangmyung University defense. The match ended in a complete victory for Konkuk University.

With this victory, Konkuk University went on a three-game winning streak, bringing the league record to 4 wins and 4 losses. A tie for 4th place. On the other hand, Sangmyung University continued its losing streak and recorded 1 win and 7 losses for the season.

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