KB Insurance in the V-League men’s division has decided to send back Nikola (23) from Serbia.

Initially, the club had high expectations for Nicola, who was selected as the 3rd pick in the foreign player draft. It was judged that it would fill the gap of Keita (21, Mali), who dominated the V-League last season, to some extent. Hu In-jeong, director of KB Insurance, also gave a lot of strength.

At first it was cruising. He showed off strong firepower enough to be selected as the MVP of the first round. However, although the power was overflowing, the attack was monotonous. A lack of technique was also revealed. He had many ups and downs and served frequently, so he was not very helpful to the team. Due to the sluggishness of foreigners, the team balance collapsed, and the team fell into a losing streak.

Coach Hu had a meeting with Nicola after the game against Woori Card on the 9th. After talking openly about each other’s position, the replacement was confirmed. Coach Hu said in a phone call with Sports Donga, “The players themselves were under a lot of pressure and had a hard time.” With this, Nicola packed up after 12 games. On the 13th, KB Insurance played the Samsung Firefighting without Nikola, winning the set score 3-1 and ending its 8-game losing streak. 토토

The new foreigner selected by KB Insurance is Villena (29, Spain), who played for Korean Air in the past. He participated in the draft this season, but was not selected. Ranked 1st in scoring and attack success rate in the 2019-2020 season and 2nd in sub, he left the team due to a knee injury during the second round of the 2020-2021 season. He currently plays in the Egyptian League.

Coach Hu said, “Because we had to pick from among the players who participated in the draft, there weren’t many alternatives. Still, Villena has experience playing in the V-League and is a somewhat verified player,” he said. An official from the club said, “The paperwork is currently in progress, but we are working hard to be able to play within this month.”

KB Insurance’s replacement of foreigners is the second in the men’s division this season. Last month, Woori Card recruited Agamez (37, Colombia) as a substitute for Andrić (28, Croatia), who was out of action due to injury. However, Agamez also suffered a thigh injury during a game against KB Insurance on the 9th, and it will take 3 to 4 weeks to return. KB Insurance and Woori Card will have to play without foreigners for the time being.

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