The scene where Zlatan Ibrahimovic was training with his son Maximilian Ibrahimovic was captured.

Ibrahimovic is passion incarnate. 슬롯사이트 After making his professional debut for his native Swedish club Malmö, he progressed to Ajax in the Netherlands. He later played for Inter Milan, Italy’s Juventus.

He subsequently moved on to Spain. He started out with Pep Guardiola at Barcelona, ​​but didn’t adapt well and went straight to AC Milan. Afterwards, he played for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in France, Manchester United in England, and LA Galaxy in the US Major League Soccer (MLS).

He has lifted many trophies wherever he goes, to the extent that he is called ‘the winning contractor’. Ibrahimovic performed his best wherever he went and lifted the championship trophy. With his height approaching 195 cm, flexibility and scoring ability, Ibrahimovic was a symbol of football strikers in the 2000s and 2010s.

Not only his skill, but also his star quality was a hot topic. Ibrahimovic, who is full of his extraordinary fighting spirit and confidence that he is the best, always calls himself the best in the world. It is not easy for anyone to put up with his talent and career.

However, this season he is focusing on rehabilitation due to his knee surgery. Ibrahimovic, who has not yet played in a single game during the season, is gradually showing signs of recovery. In the 22nd round of Serie A against Torino on the 11th (Korean time), he sat on the bench and announced that he had almost recovered from his injury.

Recently, a scene was captured to confirm his recovered physical condition. The scene where Ibrahimovic was filmed training with his son. Ibrahimovic trained with Youth for his rehabilitation, and his son, Maximilian Ibrahimovic, was in Milan’s under-18 team and coincidentally played alongside his father.

According to a video released through Milan’s official channel, Ibrahimovic passed a pass to Maximilian and showed good coordination with his son with nimble movements. Fans commented, “It’s a beautiful sight,” “It’s a poor fight,” and “If someone tackles Zlatan’s son, he won’t let him go.”

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