The power composition is almost over. There is a possibility of filling in the missing parts through trade, etc., but the so-called pillar that will play a pivotal role has been well established. This is the story of Doosan, which raised the banner of rebuilding the dynasty.

Doosan re-recruited Yang Eui-ji (35), who was considered the biggest player in the Stove League this winter, for up to 6 years and 15.2 billion won. Doosan, which built a center line by stabilizing the home field, re-recruited foreign pitcher Raul Alcantara to complete the composition of foreign players. Jose Rojas, a left-handed mid-range hitter, was recruited as a foreign hitter, and Dylan Pyle, who has excellent control, was brought in to reinforce the starting lineup. Right-handed starters such as Alcantara, Pyle, and Gwak Bin, submarine Choi Won-jun, and left-handed Choi Seung-yong are expected to digest the rotation.

The bullpen Pil Seung-jo, centered on closer Hong Geon-hee, is also not bad. Submarine Park Chi-guk, who spent half of his rehabilitation season after elbow ligament surgery, Jung Cheol-won, the “Rookie of the Year”, and Kim Kang-ryul, a veteran with finishing experience, add weight to the bullpen. If Lee Young-ha, who is on trial for alleged abuse, returns with an acquittal, the Doosan Mound can have a grandeur comparable to that of the dynasty.

However, it is true that if you narrow the scope to a left-handed pitcher, you will not see a ‘reliable man’. Since Lee Hyeon-seung retired, there is no left-handed pitcher to use as a setup man. This is why the comeback of veteran Jang Won-joon is desperately needed. 토토

He is raising expectations by revealing the possibility of a comeback this year. Although he only pitched 17 innings in 27 games, he won six holds and had an earned run average of 3.71. His performance is not satisfactory compared to his name value, but he is hopeful just by steadily climbing the mound anyway. Jang Won-jun, who fell into sluggishness due to large and small injuries such as elbows, knees and back, only threw 2 innings in 2019 and 5.2 innings in 2020, and started to learn the role of the bullpen by digesting 17 innings this year following 18.2 innings last year.

At last month’s ‘Gathering of the Bears’, he exchanged greetings with his teammates with a bright expression, and new manager Lee Seung-yeop relieved the burden by declaring that he was a pitcher who should be respected so that he could decide on his own whether to retire.

His velocity is not fast, but his command to deviate from the center of the batter’s bat is excellent. If it doesn’t hurt, he is a pitcher who can cook batters with his characteristic soft pitching form. If Jang Won-jun adds strength in the middle, young left-handed pitchers such as Lee Byung-hun and Lee Won-jae can buy time to grow.

Doosan is traditionally a team where left-handed pitchers are rare. Pitchers need a living textbook to grow.

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