At this point, even if it’s science, it’s not wrong.

A player who hit a home run in an exhibition game repeatedly bumps into a high wall in the regular season.

Last year, LG Song Chan-eui was like that. He raised expectations by hitting extra-long hits in exhibition games, but hit only three home runs in the regular season. He also had a batting average of just 0.236.

This season, Samsung Lee Seong-gyu (30바카라사이트) is following him.

In the exhibition game, he showed off his face as a giant gun. He had 5 home runs and 11 RBIs in 14 games, leading the exhibition game in home runs.

He also had a batting average of 0.333 in exhibition matches.

However, after entering the regular season, Lee Seong-gyu’s sense of hitting cooled down.

It is Lee Seong-gyu who seized the starting opportunity due to the injury of starting center fielder Kim Hyeon-joon. He gets to his plate more leisurely than ever before, and his chance has come to show all he has.

However, Lee Seong-gyu’s recent performances are disappointing.

He appeared in 8 games and posted only 0.176 batting average, no home run and 1 RBI. It is unfortunate that he does not have a home run, but the fact that he has only one RBI is also a big problem.

His slugging percentage is just 0.176 and his on-base percentage is just 0.263. He has an OPS sitting at 0.439. It can be interpreted to mean that he is barely functioning as a batsman.

Shim Jae-hak, MBC Sports+ commentator, said, “During the demonstration game, Lee Seong-gyu was full of confidence. The bat came back cool from the first pitch, and I made my own swing even in the unfavorable count. But he doesn’t have that confidence in the regular season. First of all, the rate of attacking the first ball dropped significantly compared to the demonstration game. The appearance of him actively attacking from the first pitch disappeared. On the unfavorable count he is swinging even more chased. It is necessary to restore his confidence, but he is seldom getting electricity.”

It means that Lee Seong-gyu, who turned his swing more confidently than anyone else in the demonstration game, has disappeared.

He secured the starting position that he dreamed of, but rather, it can be said that Lee Seong-gyu is currently in a slump, showing a shrinking appearance after becoming a starter.

It is a problem that Team Samsung is also experiencing that the performance of the demonstration game does not lead to the regular season. Samsung, which performed well in the demonstration game, suffered a losing streak and fell to ninth place.

At the center, Lee Seong-gyu’s sluggishness also plays a part. The starting center fielder is shaking, and the team’s batting line is not on fire.

At this point, should we call the sluggishness of the home run king in the regular season a science? It remains to be seen whether Lee Seong-gyu can overcome his sluggish performance and prove that the home run king in the exhibition game is not science.

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