Could it be interesting news for Tottenham?카지노사이트 Eintracht Frankfurt (Frankfurt) coach Oliver Glasner leaves the team at the end of this season.

Frankfurt said on the club website on the 10th (Korean time), “Director Glasner will leave the team after this season. His contract period was until June 2024, but he broke up a year earlier. In the second half of the season, we re-evaluated the situation in terms of overall performance and development, and after discussion and analysis with manager Glasner, we made this decision.”

Glasner took over at Frankfurt last season. Although he finished 11th in the league, he won the UEFA Europa League and lifted the European trophy for the first time in 42 years since coach Cha Bum-kun.

Since then, it has left me with regret until now this season. In the Champions League, he reached the round of 16, but was knocked out by Napoli. In the league, it showed compliance until the middle and even climbed to 2nd place, but recently fell into sluggishness and fell to 9th place.

With the current DFB Pokal showing good results and leaving the final against Leipzig, Frankfurt and Glasner decided to part ways at the end of this season for each other’s future.

Will Tottenham be interested in this? Tottenham are looking for a new manager after Antonio Conte left the club in March. While several people are being discussed, director Glasner was also nominated.

England’s ‘The Boot Room’ said, “According to Germany’s ‘Bild’ report, Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy contacted Glasner’s side a month ago. Previously, you had to pay a penalty to bring him in, but that’s not the case anymore.”

“For Tottenham, manager Glasner is not the first candidate, but he will not be the worst choice,” he said. For that reason, “He is not as famous as other managers, but he did fantastic things such as winning the Europa League in Frankfurt, where support is less than the Premier League. The fact that it has shown that would be an interesting option.”

Tottenham manager Glasner is one of the best manager candidates. He mainly uses 3 backs and attacks opponents with quick air and defense conversions and counterattack-based tactics. He fits tactically with Tottenham, which has quick strikers such as Son Heung-min and Hishalli Song, and the 3 back is also suitable when considering the team composition.

However, Tottenham needs to appoint a person who can fulfill the club’s ambitions in order to break the ongoing ties and turn the hearts of fans. It remains to be seen if Glasner will be suitable as one of the attractive cards or a person who can present the club’s vision given his recent lack of coping skills in the league.

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