After ordering food through a delivery app, a notification pops up asking you to leave a review. However, it is said that honest reviews are sometimes deleted.

Reporter Kim Seo-yeon covered what was going on.


Lee Hyo-eun, who often uses delivery apps, received an email a while ago.

He said that the reviews he left after ordering food from the delivery app were temporarily deleted.

[Lee Hyo-eun/Consumer: Non-food came out of food. I left a comment like that to ask you to check the sanitary conditions, but the review disappeared altogether.]

Recently, delivery platforms such as Baedal Minjok and Coupang Eats introduced a temporary action function to reduce damage to stores due to malicious reviews메이저놀이터. I did.

If the store owner requests the deletion of a review that they feel is unfair due to infringement of rights such as ‘defamation’, the posting will be suspended for 30 days immediately.

Delivery apps are in the position that reviews can be deleted for up to 30 days if it is difficult to determine whether there is an infringement of rights according to the Information and Communications Network Act or if a dispute between stakeholders is expected.

However, there are many voices that it is unfair to cover up subjective evaluations or facts that do not fall under belittling, abusive language, abusive language, or sexual harassment.

A line of reviews sometimes spreads into an emotional quarrel between a customer and the store owner.

[Lee Hyo-eun/Consumer: Why do you write reviews, why do you damage other stores? If all the bad reviews are deleted and hidden so you can’t see them, you won’t be able to report the reviews from now on.]

Self-employed people still complain that they are harmed by reviews that are too harsh or emotional.

[Kim Hee-gi/Self-employed: I am most afraid of clicking (reviews) enough to say that I am a review slave. Because I’m afraid there will be malicious comments. When we didn’t take care of things we left out, things we made mistakes, requests or unusual things… ]

Experts point out that more specific criteria are needed when deleting reviews.

[Kim Tae-yeon/Lawyer: There is definitely room for it to be seen as a bit unfair to be a temporary measure unconditionally. Since 30 days are uniformly set, it seems that there is an aspect of restricting some rights of consumers. Shorten the blind action period or… ]

As the delivery market grows, it seems necessary for both consumers and self-employed people to be more considerate of others.

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