The NFL’s San Francisco 49ers (49ers), to which Brock Purdy (24) belongs, beat the Dallas Cowboys 19-12 in the NFC (National Football Conference) Divisional Round held at Levi’s Stadium in California, USA on the 23rd. Purdy did not make a successful touchdown pass that day, but he led the attack by advancing with a focus on short passes. Purdy continued his ‘Cinderella Story’ by winning all 7 games he started from the regular season to the postseason. 헤라카지노도메인

Purdy was selected by the 49ers in the 7th round, 262nd overall, in the last April of last year’s NFL Draft and became “Mr. Irrelevant.”

In the NFL draft, the player called at the end along with the first pick is briefly illuminated. It’s not an instant sense of power, and most of them disappear right off the NFL stage without leaving much of a mark, hence the playful but disingenuous moniker of Mr. Indifference.

A graduate of Iowa State University, Purdy was an outstanding player who broke college records in various categories during his college days. However, as a quarterback who is a ‘midfield commander’ who needs to secure a jagged performance and a wide view, most clubs turned away from him because of his relatively small body (184cm, 99kg), and that’s how Mr. Indifference became.

Purdy was out of everyone’s attention until last November. This is because starting quarterback Jimmy Garopolo (32) led the team well without making any major mistakes and rarely played in the game. However, an unexpected opportunity came to him as Garopolo suffered a serious injury in the early stages of the match against the Miami Dolphins on December 5 last year.

Trey Lance (23), the team’s second quarterback, ended his season early due to an ankle injury in September, so the 49ers, who had no alternative, eventually sent Purdy to the ground.

Purdy never missed an opportunity that came his way. He attempted 37 passes, making 25 of them, two of which resulted in touchdowns (six points). Purdy led the team to a 33-17 victory by recording the first touchdown pass in the history of Mr. Indifference. After that, with stable game operation, he recorded more than 2 touchdown passes in every game and became the main player in winning 5 consecutive wins in the regular league. “I’ve been called Mr. Indifferent, but I always wanted to show that I could be the best,” said Purdy.

Purdy showed off his strength by showing a strong heart in the first NFL postseason.

He started in the NFC wild card round against the Seattle Seahawks, his postseason debut on the 15th, and scored 3 touchdown passes and 1 rushing touchdown, leading the team to a 41-23 victory. Purdy completed 18 of 30 passes on the day for 332 passing yards, his personal best. He also made history as the first rookie quarterback to lead four touchdowns in the postseason.

And on the 23rd, it surpasses the Cowboys, and Purdy has a Super Bowl berth in sight. After the game, he said, “It is really meaningful to beat the Cowboys. He said that the reason he was able to come this far is because the entire team came together as one, not just one or two special people.”

Some believe that Purdy can make a name for himself as the second Tom Brady (46). Brady, considered one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, was drafted by the New England Patriots in the 6th round, 199th overall pick in the 2000 draft, and started from the bottom similar to Purdy. However, Brady also took an unexpected starting opportunity due to the injury of the starting quarterback, and showed outstanding skills and eventually became a legend who wrote a record of winning 7 Super Bowls.

No one calls Purdy Mr. Indifferent anymore. All NFL fans are paying attention to how far his ‘Cinderella Story’ will lead. The 49ers, led by “Mr. Relevant” Purdy, will face off against the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Conference Championship game on the 30th for a ticket to next month’s Super Bowl.

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