DB won the carrot based on the explosive scoring power of Doo Kyung-min and Choi Seung-wook, who started.

Wonju DB won 91-82 in a match against Goyang Carrot in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Pro Basketball 3rd round held at Wonju General Gymnasium on the 13th. After ending a three-game losing streak, DB’s season record was 8 wins and 12 losses. 9th place DB pushed Suwon KT to the bottom.

Doo Kyung-min (184cm, G), who played as a starter in 5 games, played a big role. From the start of the match, he boasted overwhelming firepower. Choi Seung-wook also showed his influence not only in defense but also in attack. It was a look that came to mind. Kim Jong-gyu also scored double digits by attacking under Carrot’s goal.

1Q. Wonju DB 32-25 Goyang Carrot: Our DB has changed

[Starting list for both teams]
– Wonju DB: Kim Hyun-ho – Doo Kyung-min – Choi Seung-wook – Kim
– Lenard Freeman Lee Jung-hyun – Jeon Seong-hyun – Park Jin-cheol – Didric Lawson

The crisis of DB continues. The last 10 matches are 1 win and 9 losses. He ended his 6-game losing streak by winning against Seoul Samsung, but fell into a 3-game losing streak again.
DB is struggling with a string of injuries to its players. Doo Kyung-min, Dewan Hernandez (206cm, C), and Kang Sang-jae (200cm, F) suffered consecutive injuries. Fortunately, Doo Kyung-min returned, but another injured player occurred that day. Park Chan-hee (190cm, G) was unable to participate in the game that day.
However, DB showed a different start from the game during the losing streak that day. First, Doo Kyung-min was included in the starting list. Doo Kyung-min led the flow of DB. He drove in 10 points in 6 minutes and 57 seconds.
DB led 8-0 in the 2nd minute with Doo Kyung-min at the forefront. Then, with 5 minutes and 36 seconds left in the first quarter, he vomited up 19 points.
DB’s first quarter score reached 32 points. It was different from the previous games that suffered from poor scoring. We got off to a good start with a 7-point advantage.

2Q. Wonju DB 49-45 Goyang Carrot : Alternate flames

[Comparison of scoring trends by time period in the 2nd quarter of both teams] (DB is in front)
– Start ~ 6 minutes and 6 seconds before the end: 5-15
* Carrot, reverse
– End 6 minutes and 6 seconds Before ~ ​​36 seconds before the end: 10-2
* DB, Reverse
– 36 seconds before the end ~ End: 2-3

Carrots are cruising. It is in third place behind Hyundai Mobis by half a game. If they win the game today, they can rise to a tie for second place.
However, director Kim Seung-gi Carrot has a different idea. Coach Seung-gi Kim worried before the game, saying, “I think we will be pushed out of the playoffs in the 6th round. There will be a team that comes up from the bottom.”
Carrot’s first quarter was not good. DB allowed 32 points and gave a 7-point advantage.
Still, Carrot’s second quarter was different. They tied the score with 6 minutes and 33 seconds left in the second quarter. Jeon Sung-hyun (189cm, F) – Lee Jung-hyun (187cm, G) – Didric Lawson (202cm, F) scored side by side. David Simon (203cm, C), who was replaced, also succeeded in a clean fade away.
In the end, Carrot’s fighting spirit led to a reversal. Lee Jung-hyeon’s 3-point shot passed the rim, giving Carrot his first advantage. 스포츠토토
However, DB’s potential was also formidable. After allowing the reversal, he exerted more force. Carrot’s score was blocked for nearly 4 minutes and he focused on 8 points.
DB players did not put off attacking. He made use of the scoring opportunity that came to him. In the end, DB finished the second quarter with a 4-point lead.

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