Will the Los Angeles Dodgers, who have advanced to the postseason for 10 consecutive years and won the division championship 9 times, hand over the division title to the San Diego Padres?

The Dodgers, who recorded 111 victories last year and ranked first in the overall winning rate in the Major League (MLB), suffered a “previous” power loss ahead of this season. Trey Turner, starting hitter and starting shortstop (Philadelphia Phillies) Bench leader and starting third baseman Justin Turner (Boston Red Sox) Tyler Anderson (LA Angels), starting second ) Closer Many players, including Craig Kimbrel (Philadelphia), left the team without staying with the Dodgers.슬롯사이트

On the other hand, the district rival San Diego reinforced its strength. All-Star shortstop Xander Bogaerts signed for $280 million, and Fernando Tatis Jr., who served a drug penalty, will join early in the season. Bogatz-Tatis-Manny Machado-Juan Soto has built a powerful all-star lineup. San Diego subsequently strengthened its pitching power by signing an extension contract with Yu Darvish and signing Michael Waka.

In fact, each media also claimed that San Diego, not the Dodgers, would win the National League West this season. Fan Graph, a baseball statistics company, predicted that the Dodgers’ probability of winning the Western Division was only 27.4% and would win about 88 wins. This is a 23-win loss compared to last year. Of course, there are also optimistic prospects. Another statistical company, Baseball Prospectus, predicted through PECOTA, its own method, that the Dodgers had a 60.8% chance of winning the district and expected to win 96 times. However, most media and experts, such as ESPN, view San Diego’s chances of winning the district as high.

It is an unfamiliar landscape for Roberts, who led the team’s golden age by winning three World Series, winning once, and winning more than 106 wins in three consecutive full seasons after taking office.

However, manager Roberts was calm. According to The Athletic on the 20th (Korean time), coach Roberts said, “I don’t care,” and “My thoughts about the team itself haven’t changed. will win,” he said.

Of course, manager Roberts also admitted that the flow in the West Division is not the same as before. In addition to San Diego, it is judged that the rival San Francisco Giants and the Arizona Diamondbacks, where top prospects make their debut, are not formidable. “San Diego is a talented team. Arizona seems to have improved, and San Francisco will be even better than last year. It’s a place that changes every year,” Roberts said.

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