Daegu FC토토사이트, with an average home crowd of close to 10,000, continues to cheer hotly even in away games.

During the 13th round of the league, Daegu had an average of 9,957 spectators during the 6 home games, and succeeded in mobilizing home spectators in 5th place in the league following Seoul and Ulsan, Daejeon and Jeonbuk.

Considering the size of the home stadium, which is smaller than other teams using the World Cup Stadium, Daegu FC ranks first in seat occupancy rate.

Along with this, Daegu FC is showing off an amazing level in the size of the fans who left the away game this season.

Daegu, which played a pivotal role in the K-League, which opened the era of an average audience of 10,000 per game amid the general box office fever this season, achieved ticket reservations of more than 1,000 people twice out of the previous 7 expeditions. Also, more than 1,000 people have already booked expedition seats, and the 3rd 1,000-person expedition cheering squad is certain to be achieved.

Daejeon World Cup Stadium, the home of the promoted team Daejeon Hana Citizen, has a record of 1,000 away cheering squads visiting Ulsan and Seoul for two teams out of the previous six games.

photo courtesy of Daegu FC

Daegu was accompanied by 1,152 away cheerleaders from the first game of the opening match in Pohang this season, and 1,977 Daegu fans visited the stadium on April 8, which set the record for the largest number of spectators in a professional game due to COVID-19.

Daegu FC is challenging for the first consecutive win of the season in the 14th round against Daejeon, after winning two recent away matches against Suwon in the 10th round and against Gwangju in the 13th round.

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