People of the same mind gathered to create a local event.

On the 30th, the ‘3rd Korea Multicultural Foundation Asian 3×3 Basketball Championship’ was held at the outdoor park of Seongseo Outletㅋㅋㅋ벳 Town in Daegu. The competition is hosted by the Korea Multicultural Foundation, organized by the Seongseo Outlet Town Shopping District, and the Angels Citizen Basketball Team.

The Korea Multicultural Foundation is carrying out welfare projects for the elderly, multiculturalism, and youth in Korea and supporting projects for patients with incurable diseases overseas.

Kwon Jae-haeng, co-representative of the Korea Multicultural Foundation, said, “This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Korea Multicultural Foundation. We have carried out various welfare projects at home and abroad.”

The Korea Multi-Cultural Foundation’s Love Sharing event for children with incurable diseases in Vietnam is the 7th this year.

Co-CEO Kwon Jae-haeng said, “The event is held 7 times and the basketball tournament is 3 times. As in all sports, parents with children who exercise have many difficulties. We donated sneakers, etc.”, explaining the love sharing event.

“However, this kind of event was a bit stiff. As my two sons played basketball, I wanted to make it a local event by tying the event and basketball together. People with the same intentions gathered. Lee Jae-han, a member of Gwangmyeong City Council, contributed a lot to the event with a lot of help and volunteer work.”

The Daegu Korea Gas Corporation Pegasus basketball team, which is based in the region, also took part in the 3×3 event. Athletes found an event, participated in the 3×3 event, and sat down with fans. CEO Kwon said, “I am grateful to the basketball team who filled the place with a good heart.”

Not only the KOGAS athletes, but also the secretariat were present at the site.

“We plan to continue to cooperate with traditional multi-cultural foundation events in the future. In the new season, we plan to take the lead in participating in Daegu sports events in order to settle down in the hometown. We will establish the identity of the local team as soon as possible,” said Lee-in Jeong, executive director of Korea Gas Corporation. said.

In this 3×3 basketball tournament, Korea Gas Corporation Park Chan-ho, Yang Jun-woo, Kim Jin-mo, and Yeom Yu-seong visited, and Han Ki-bum celebrity basketball team also finished the event game with the participating teams. 

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