“I have the mind to fight with the players until the end.”

These are the words of Choi Seong-yong안전놀이터, acting manager of Suwon Samsung.

On the 25th, Suwon Samsung will play an away match in the 9th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ against Pohang Steelers at Pohang Steel Yard.

Worst case scenario. Suwon is at the bottom of the table with 2 draws and 6 losses (2 points) in the opening 8 matches. On the 17th, manager Lee Byeong-geun was sacked. In the ‘Super Match’ against FC Seoul held on the 22nd, they lost 1-3. It is a mountain beyond a mountain. The opponent this time is Pohang. Pohang is the only undefeated team in the K League 1 this season. They have a record of 4 wins and 4 draws.

Acting Choi, ahead of the decisive match, said, “After the Seoul game, the time was a bit short. I thought about recovering the physical part and reducing the anxiety and responsibility of the players. I thought about how to motivate them. Players who were not in good shape have returned. In the meantime, I have been thinking about the under 22 (U-22). This time, the U-22 players will play first. The time has not been set. It is good because motivation is needed. If it’s good enough, I’ll make it run more,” he said.

Suwon uses a 3-4-3 tactic. With Jeon Jin-woo at the center, Kim Bo-kyung and Kim Joo-chan lead the attack. Lee Sang-min, Basani, Yu Je-ho and Jeong Seung-won coordinate the midfield. Bultuis, Han Ho-gang and Jang Ho-ik are in charge of defense. The goal is guarded by Yang Hyeong-mo.

Acting Choi said, “I came to prepare with responsibility. If the results of the game are not good, I took responsibility… I have nothing personal. Until the new coach arrives, if the club talks about it in detail, I will respond accordingly.” I will do my best. I have the mind to fight with the players until the end.”

He said, “Time is too short to make big changes right now. We need to maximize the strengths of our players. We need to give them confidence. We talked about it at today’s meeting. We want to give a positive message to those around us. That’s not important to us now. I think it’s not. I said that if the players find confidence, show fighting spirit and follow the results of the game while fighting Pohang players in today’s game, that would be more motivating.”

On the other hand, Pohang coach Kim Ki-dong said, “Both teams are burdened. Concentration can drop. I talked about that part. I can’t always concentrate during the 38th round. At some point, my concentration drops. I made the players aware of that part. I changed the starting list a little. I was physically exhausted and If it’s hard, the body won’t keep up,” he said.

Pohang’s 4-2-3-1 tactic. Lee Ho-jae sortie with one top. Baek Seong-dong, Kim Seung-dae, and Cho Jae-hoon add strength from behind. Lee Seung-mo and Oberdan will work together as defensive midfielders. Shim Sang-min, Grant, Ha Chang-rae and Park Seung-wook are located in the four-back. Hwang In-jae wears goalkeeper gloves.

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